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Victorian Sets, Josephine Chain and Knot

This is also called the Node stitch as well as the Ric Rac Stitch

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UerrxDqlHOE

It could be written so many different ways. However, the most common way I have seen personally is in the book The complete book of tatting by Rebecca Jones.

She states it will say sets of stitches 4-4. That means 4 first half and 4 second half stitches on the flip side of that you can reverse the direction of the node by using the second half then the first half depending on the look you want for your piece. But in the directions is will say "sets of stitches" some designers though may very well abbreviate that as ss which can be confusing because that also means switch shuttles. That is why we read our patterns completely first and know what the pattern will look like when completed.

If you are going to use the node stitch in place of a regular stitch remember you may have to change the stitch count because on both sides of the node stitch you'er losing one half of a double stitch on each count. Then it becomes a try it and see to keep it from cupping up or bowing out. If you can add Rebecca's book to your library, it is definitely worth the money. It has been sort of like one of my tatting bibles. it has a lot of information just packed in the book that will come in handy for the future.

If you are changing a pattern from regular rings and chains to Victorian sets you will have to remember you're only working with one half of a ds at each count so say the count is 6-6 on a regular chain remember your only using half of that double stitch count on each side which would be in reality 3 half stitches and 3 half stitches on each side of the picot the picot would become a node stitch not a picot because you would be putting in a full ds for the node.

If it has no picots and you’re doing a chain of 5 ds into a Josephine chain which basically is the Victorian set without the sets. Victorian sets are sets of half stitches between a node. Once you remove the node then you are making a Josephine chain with either the first or second half. That said changing from a regular chain into a Josephine chain, Victorian sets or anything like that remember you will lose the other half of the stitch on each count. and gain a full stitch on the node. I hope that makes sense to you. I know it can be confusing but when you break down the reality of each technique and look at it with how the stitch is made you understand the concept of it much easier.

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