Superbowl Sunday Snowflake
Georgia Seitz 1-31-99

Take a quick look at the surprise snowflake for this last Sunday of the month. Looks easy, eh?

Well, this is another tatting technique exercise in disguise!

Begin with the center motif, a simple ring and chain repeat.

R 6 - 2 - 6 RW (Note the text on the scan is wrong.)
CH 4 - 4 RW
*R 6 + 2 - 6 RW
CH 4 - 4 RW Repeat from * around.

1. The picots should be tiny as you want the rings snugged up against each other rather tight.

2. When making the joins use the Demmer or down join so that both sides of the rings look right side up.

3. When tatting the chains, tat the HS in reverse order so that the chain too looks right side up.


On the last chain you MAY do a split chain if you prefer to avoid cutting ends and hiding them in the center motif. If you cut and tie, then attach the thread from the next round to a picot of a chain with a shuttle join.

The outer row is all chainwork.

Shuttle join to picot of chain of center motif
CH 10 make inward facing picot, very small, or use a space holder to create a space on the shuttle thread.
CH 6 insert another space holder
CH 4 - 4 join back to the second space
CH 6 join back to the first space
CH 10 shuttle join to the next picot of the next chain on the center motif. Repeat around.


1. You can use a paper clip, safety pin or even a loop of thread to create the space in which the chain joins back onto itself.

2. You can make the joins with a shuttle join or just slip the shuttle between the two threads of the chain.

3. Do not compress too tightly.