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1227 CR 1760 E
Greenup Illinois USA
Tatted Bikini Top by Nellie Hall Youngburg
Or, "A Dainty 'Daisy' Yoke in Tatting", Needle craft Magazine February 1927 pg. 37

Begin with the border of daisies. Original instructions direct the tatter to make the center ring in white and the surrounding rings in another color. This is awkward and creates extra ends to hide. So let's apply the daisy picot technique instead.

R 1 (daisy picot wrapped 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 - 4) 2 ds 8 times ending ring with 1 ds clr

Tat 21 daisies joining them by the middle picot on the penultimate and last daisy picots. Arrange daisies 8 across the bottom of the triangle, 6 on each side and one daisy at the top joining the two sides together.

Before continuing, measure triangles against bosom to fit. Add additional daisies to the sides of triangle if needed. Then join the two bottom strips of the triangles together with 2 or more daisies, again measuring to fit fullness of bosoms. Measure remaining length needed to encircle chest and tat enough daisies to fit joining by two picots as previously. Sew last daisy on either side to elastic bra closure strips.

Position chest band in place and lift up triangles against bosom. Measuring from the top daisy of the triangle measure length needed to reach band and tat suffiicient daisies to reach.

Tat chest band through which you can run ribbon or covered elastic. The original instructions direct us to make a series of rings joining to the picot of the daisy picots on the completed daisy motifs. If this were to be used for a night dress or camisole top that band of one shuttle work would be good. However, if tatting a bikini top a more substantial edging is needed. Let's try this instead.

R 6 - 6 + (join to the middle picot of a daisy picot on the lower band) 6 - 6 clr. Leave 1/8" space of bare thread space. rw
R 6 - 6 - 6 - 6 clr ring Leave space. rw
*R 6 + (join to first ring) 6 + (join to the middle picot of next daisy picot on the lower band) 6 - 6 clr. Leave space. rw.
R 6 + (join to second ring) 6 - 6 - 6 clr. Leave space. rw
Repeat from * around joining last rings to first rings on both sides of edging. Run ribbon or covered elastic under/over the bare thread spaces and secure at bra fastenings.

For fuller bosoms, add more daisy flowers to the triangle filling. Prepare at least 5 daisies adding stems which are chained.

Stem CH 12; R 8 - 8 - 8 - 8 clr. rw Repeat ring, rw.
CH 12; repeat both rings as above.

Continue chain to reach lower left side of triangle. Repeat for the lower right side of the triangle.
Repeat for flower with stem at the upper point of the triangle. The repeat again top join the bottom of this stem to another daisy and partial stem chain as needed to fit. Fill the open areas with small one ring flowers of 8 picots joining across as necessary.

Remainder of original pattern: Needlecraft 1927 Feb. NHY Yoke pg 37

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