Joining the Online Tatting Class

To join the online tatting class, please send to me:

Your real name
Your postal mailing address with country. This helps us to locate tatting buddies, tatting teachers, and local tatting guilds for you.
Your screen name for class. I am AKTATTER
Your email address
All info is confidential and never used or sold in any way. This is a security measure to comply with anti-spamming regulations.

Meanwhile you can go to the Learning Center and print out previous lessons for your notebook.

The Online Tatting Class - The Learning Center

The lesson notes are sent to you as a link; please go and print them off and read before class. Class begins with a 10 minute open chat at the half-hour. Then the host takes over the lead of the discussion and cross chatter must be minimized. Please feel free to ask questions about the lesson anytime; and repeat the question if the class is moving quickly and it gets missed.

For details about the online tatting class for beginners led by Mimi and Katia, please visit: Beginners Class.

A list of instructions sites for both shuttle and needle tatting:
Joy Ring Hunt Links
How to find a tatting buddy:
Find a Tatting Friend and Teacher with IOLI (list prepared by Shelley Hedberg,

The online tatting class meets in the international classroom on Mondays 3PM and 8:30PM ET (New York time)

You are welcome to join the class in person anytime. Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions for classes. If you can't make it to class, work the lessons and study the techniques, then email any questions you may have. For problems we can meet in the empty classroom and work them out.

Patterns and models to be used as teaching aids in class are needed all year long. And you are encouraged to send scans of your "homework" in to share with the class.

If you need specific help with a problem or tatting technique please email direct:

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