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Don't miss out on these past publications.
Although many of them are out of print, they represent decades' worth of experience and a millennium's worth of inspiration! If not in print please try the used market.

Doretha Albee

The editor of Tatting Knots and Notes has made a compilation of past issues for those who are new to tatting, "Tatting Knots and Notes Revisited Book 1." It contains reprints of patterns from the newsletter from Vol 7 issue 3 through Volume 12 (Junuary 1992 - August 1997). A must have book!

Patti Duff

"Minitats", 69 Petite Motifs: This is a collection of a small patterns which all measure approximately the same size (1 to 1 1/2 inches in size 20 thread). They are all worked with a continuous thread and a single round (one beginning, one ending) for minimal finishing. The patterns include several Christmas shapes, tree, angel, candles, candy cane, bell, stocking, tedy bear, gingerbread boy and girl. There are also two hearts, and a cross. The other patterns are rounds, squares, and 6-8 points. There is something for the beginner to advanced tatter.

The patterns are all written for the shuttle. Each pattern has written directions (number/symbol), a diagram, and a clear picture of the actul piece. There are no how-to directions for the techniques. Five patterns use the split ring but only two require it. The others can be worked without the split ring but that would mean multiple rounds. Patti also included directions for determining the amount of thread a pattern will take, how to make and use a picot gauge, and lots of hints.

Mary McCarthy

Mary McCarthy, editor of the tatting newsletter "KNOTS!", has published a compilation of previous issues (Vol. 2 #2 through Vol. 3 #1) from the time period of Nov. 1995 through Sept. 1996. Filled with tatting patterns, tips and tales from tatters, it is a good way for newer tatters to catch up on what they've been missing. For details contact:

Nina Libin

Nina Libin, author of Beanile Lace, has an article in the Oct. 1999 issue of Bead & Button. It shows basic shuttle tatting and the addition of beads. It contains a synopsis of the terms she uses for her style of lace making and has a pattern for 2 of the tatted necklaces pictured in really good photos. For more info on her techniques contact:

"Tatted Lace of Beads
The Techniques of Beanile Lace"
by Nina Libin

Nina Libin brings fresh insight into the art of creating beaded tatting, or as she says, tatted lace of beads. Her first book, "Tatted Lace of Beads The Techniques of Beanile Lace" leads us on a journey of discovery and exploration of the many possible combinations of beads, threads, and knots.

As a primer for learning the basic stitches in tatting, it offers step by step instructions and detailed illustrations showing the movements of the hands. It goes on to examine multiple traditional ways to incorporate beads in the tatting. Placement of beads on both rings and chains and over joins are practiced through eighteen projects.

After grounding the tatter in a solid understanding of tatting enhanced with beads, she leads us beyond the ordinary to explore beading enhanced by tatting. Here a new art form is created from the merging of these two traditional crafts. This merger brings to life delicate tendrils of filigree lace glistening with beads and gem stones.

And such three-dimensional beaded tatting encourages the creation of stunning jewelry and appliques. It can be formed into clothing accessories and used to replace the traditional elements of Irish Lace Crochet to awe-inspiring effect.

The photography of the tatted lace and the beaded lace is remarkable clear and close up. The details in the trefoils, plant scrolls and filigree motifs is outstanding.

The definitions used incorporate the traditional tatting terms with abbreviations developed specifically to explain the Beanile Lace techniques. Although some parts of the pattern directions appear algebraic in nature a quick read of the definitions makes it all easy to follow.

Beanile Lace will be both challenging and intriguing to both tatters and beaders alike.

Rozella F. Linden

"Easy Tatting" by Rozella F. Linden Dover Pubs $3.95/32 pages

A book of basics with very basic patterns for the novice tatter, it does contain a few extras. There are really good illustrations of the basic stitches and techniques, a hexagonal template for pinning out and a very good diagram and photos showing the difference between a round center ring made traditionally and made with a mock picot.

The patterns include earring, snowflakes and suncatchers with very simple ring and chain combinations. But there is an intriguing heart edging (or insertion) with lots of lacy picots (excellent place for the beginner to learn the use of a picot gauge). And the Snowflake Ornament pattern takes a familiar old-time pattern and presents it with a fresh look as a six-point snowflake, a square motif, combined and expanded to an eight inch doily and a 16-repeat table mat. Excellent adaptations that are very well constructed.

The instructions are both clear and simple to follow. Every pattern has both photo and diagram to follow. A great first book.

3 tatting books from Europe

by Marianne Langwieser and Tatiana Scharowa
Pub by Leopold Stocker Verlag, Graz, Austria
hardback, 120 pages, a few color plates, in German.
Several pages of instructions using modern photographs and reprints from antique books. Photographs and diagrams for all patterns. Many traditional style tatting patterns which are accompanied by suggestions for application as fashion accessories. Also sections on the split ring and on bead work. Final chapter encourages a foray into freeform tatting. (Patterns easy to follow from diagrams, knowledge of German not necessary.)

Pizzo Chiacchierino

By Anna Meloni
Pub by II Castelo, Milan, Italy
Larger paperback book, 104 pages, color photos throughout te book, in Italian.
Doilies and edgings in the traditional manner. Digrams for the bsic tatting method but not for patterns, however, the color photographs are enlarged and easy to follow. (Knowledge of Italian not necessry.) Final chapter includes several unique applications of tatting framed as pictures, as decorations for serving trays, as a freestanding jewelry box and as lace for dolls' clothes.

Kreatives Occhi

By Gaby Dandliker and Antoinette Frei-Hofmann
Pub by Kreatives-Stubli Wollishofen Zurich, Switzerlnd.
64 pages, fantstically bright and beautiful color photographs on all but about 9 pages, in German.
This is a manual in the style of the work of the famous German tatting designer, Helma Siepman. I suspect these are former students. This entire book is dedicated to freeform tatting and concentrates on the formation of picture tatting composed of floral motifs. Absolutely inspirational for the tatter ready to work outside the realm of patterns.

Karey Solomon

Becuse someone was kind enough to ask, this is the information on the tatting books I've done since 1994. So far, I've done seven booklets of tatting designs. Each is small-format (5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches), each has 28 pages (except for the calendar, which is 32), each costs $8 postpaid from me or $7.95 from Handy Hands. All are illustrated with the actual, usually full-sized made-up design; modern pattern notation (a ring with 3 picots ech separated by 5 double stitches would be given as R: 5-5-5-5). In some instances, diagrams are additionally given for clarity.

*TATTING Y2K - (published less than a week ago) 12 simple patterns linked to the month they appear with, with the easiest earlier in the year. These include a star, heart, two edgings, a bag, a snowflake/doily hexagon, stationery "droodles" 3-D daffodils, tatting-covered Easter egg, an oak leaf and a bookmark.

*TATTING WITH BUTTONS - 19 Simple tatting ptterns to showcase favorite buttons. Includes several hearts, motifs, a doily, a collar, a sun catcher to make with colored translucent buttons, a picture frame, garland, edging, bag, butterfly and more. Button history and sizing information as well.

*MAKE MANY MERRILY - MOTIFS AND MULTIPLES - These motifs for joining or applique range from simple hearts and butterflies to squares for tablecloths or runners, to the more complicated hummingbird and swan patterns. Several patterns call for split rings.

*LET IT SNOW - About two dozen original snowflakes/ornaments, mostly six-sided, mostly simple patterns.

*TAT MARKS THE SPOT - This collection features 21 bookmrks plus a bookplate; several patterns call for split rings. A few of the bookmarks need to be mounted on ribbon or fabric, most are designed so a ribbon may be laced through. One is a cross.

*TATTING TIMES EDGINGS - More than 20 edging patterns, mny original, with illustrations, history and suggestions for use. Most were in Tatting Times (1992 & 1993); most are simple.

*SHEEP MAY SAFELY GRAZE - Tat a sheep, a rose or one of two unusual pictorial doilies, 7 edgings. Includes color photo. The pattern is simple.

Two new ones are planne for early 2000 - "The Tatter's Tree of Life" featuring original botnical patterns, particularly designs taught at the past two IOLI conventions and elsewhere; and "Circle of Cildren," an original doily pattern teaching a variety of intermediate techniques. I'm planning different printing process for these and they'll have more pages, so they will cost bit more than the previous booklets.

Contact Karey Solomon, editor of Tatting Times at:

Dianna Stevens

Announcing the third book of tatting patterns by our online tatting classmate, Dianna Stevens! "Tatting: It's in the Bag!" Here's a link for a beautiful color photo and ordering instructions. Please order directly from Dianna, too. Contact:

The patterns are ingenious, challenging and ever so cute. The Victorian bag model I have seen and it has lots of beads and the most clever use of one shuttle work to cover a seam! You'll love it! It's in the Bag!

Vida Sunderman

Vida Sunderman has a great tatted alphabet in her "Dictionary of Abbreviations, Tatting Terms and Techniques and Tatted Alphabet" It is available by mail (do not call as she does not hear will on the telephone):
Vida Sunderman
501 S 12th Str
Norfolk NE 68701

$5.00 plus postage bookrate $1.30 Priority Mail $3 First Class $1.70

It is a publication well worth having.


Coming hard on the heels of new books by Dianna Stevens' It's in the Bag! (Order direct,
Patti Duff's "Mini-Tats" (order direct,
and the Houtz Bros.' "The GR-8 Self Closing Mock Ring" Randy Houtz3 New Books

Nikolajsen "Den 3. Orkisbog." The third book of tatting patterns includes a terrific bridal hat, mittens and other traditional accessories. $28 plus postage.

Foster (ed) "Old-Fashioned Tatting Patterns Book 1" another antique reprint from Handy Hands Tatting (email and request catalog and sample newsletter) this one is the 1896 "Tatting & Netting" by Butterick. 140 patterns. $14 plus postage.

Three books by Lindsay Rogers are now out of print.

Tatting for Special Occasions Edgings 14 patterns $15
Tatting for Special Occasions Mats 8 mats (doilies) $15
Tatting for Special Occasions Flowers 17 patterns $15
plus postage.