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Decorative Lock Stitch for Needle Tatting

1. Wrap the first half stitch (1hs) onto the tatting needle.

2.Slide the first half stitch (1hs) off the tatting needle.

3. Wrap the second half stitch (2hs) using the
needle itself onto the ball thread which is held taut.

4. Slide the second half stitch (2hs) down and tighten.
You can see the pattern begin.

Method to use the needle
to wrap the lock stitch.

The decorative lock stitch chain is made with one "flipped" stitch and one "unflipped" stitch in tatting. Needle tatters will need to work this chain one half stitch at a time first placing thread on the needle. And second using the needle to place thread on the ball thread.

It is greatly time consuming and a similar effect can be easily and rapidly obtained by doing the node stitch instead, or wrapping a spiral chain.

For excellent needle tatting tutorials, please register and explore Roger Lloyd's (aka Freedman) website.

Mark Myers has used the lock stitch chain (shuttle tatted) on the outer row of this bookmark.

Here is the lock stitch chain used in a snowflake.

Note Mark's use of the lock stitch chain in this Bedfordshire style lace tatted heart. This piece also features half-closed rings and cluny leaves.

Mark's bobbin lace style cross has lock stitch chains on the outer row and a spiral chain for the tassel.

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