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Mignonette Stitch Review Lesson

Saundra writes:
Here's a scan of what I did with the mignonette stitch. I added beads while tatting the mignonette piece. Then I made a small bag using black fabric and attached the mignonette piece to the fabric bag. Next I stitched the bag to the purse clasp. One shuttle and a partial ball of thread can fit inside this mignonette stitch purse.

Many thanks to Saundra for sharing with us.

Gina Butler has recenly sent in some photos of her mignonette bags for us to study.

Mauve Mignonette Bag

Mauve Mignonette Bag

Gina's Finished Mignonette Bags

Katie's Hanky

Notes on the Mignonette Stitch

The Mignonette stitch is little used and not often listed in books but it is a great design element. See "Tatting Techniques" - Elgiva Nicholls Charles Schribner's Sons 1975/6 also. Although the mignonette stitch is not exactly a "stitch" but rather the result of a special type of joining pattern, it is described in her book (page 90) as:

"An arrangement of one or more rings joined to a single thread upon which they are free to move." She attributes it to Mlle Riego

To practice this stitch:
Make a center ring with 11 picots (small).
Close the ring leaving a very long tail which you can use to climb out by means of a split ring of 2/2 (use the long tail for one side of the split ring).
Continue with the shuttle only and measure the spaces between the rings so that they are all exact.

Go around the center ring joining into each picot with a 2 + 2 ring. When you reach the starting point, again pull over the long tail from the original ring and use it to form another split ring to climb out, this time a 3 / 3 split ring.

Continue around again this time joining to the measured shuttle thread which is between each of the small rings.
When you reach the starting point, again pull over the long tail from the original ring and use it to form the split ring to climb out doing either another 3 / 3 split ring or increase to 4 / 4.

As you continue outwards you will have to increase both the size of the rings and the length of the shuttle thread left between rings

If you do not know the split ring technique then it may be that each round will have to be cut and tied with the last tail used as the shuttle thread between the rings so be careful when you hide the tail in the starter ring that you don't pull it up too much etc.

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