Antique Lace Square from the holdings of The Lace Museum

The Lace Museum in Sunnyvale should be the first stop for any tatter visiting the San Francisco area. On my visit I was fortunate in my timing as the museum board members were meeting and I got to meet with them. They very kindly showed me many of the treasures on display and even opened up many of the boxes in storage. I was able to take a few photos of some of the antique tatting in their holdings. This is one of the many tatted pieces that are available to study at The Lace Museum

Motif center

Motif row 1

Motif row 2

Motif 1 row 3

Motif center
with rows 1 - 3

Motif row 4

Motif row 4 ds count

Motif row 5

Motif row 5 ds count

Motif row 6

Motif row 6 ds count

Begin with a round center ring. The picots need to be all the same size. (See notes on the use of a picot gauge.) exiting through a mock picot and commence to chain around joining into the tops of the picots with either with a shuttle/lock join or you might consider using this opportunity to practice the lark's head picot join.

Row 4 begins the extra long chains. Please note that the ds counts are approximate. You may need to add or subtract for a better look to the work. Row 5 is simple ring and chain repeat but note that the opposing ring in the four corners should be worked in reverse half stitch order to create the all front/back side look to your work. Also, the side rings of the cloverleaf should join to the center ring so they don't flop about as seen in the photo. And them row 6 has extremely long chains which must join to each other 1, 2 or 3 times to get them to lay flat.

This square may be worked in one pass using the mock picot to climb out from the center into row 4 and exiting with a split chain and entering row 5 with a split ring. Row 5 may exit through a split ring into row 6. Before beginning row 6 take a moment to consider how you will finish off the work. If you insert "helping loops" as the first chain of row 6 is tatted you can hide the ends using the "magic thread trick."

Membership in the Lace Museum Guild $12 - Seniors $6 Calendar $15 and they have great T-shirts decorated with lace butterflies, too! All donations 100% tax-deductible (TAX ID #1-87593)

The Lace Museum 552 S Murphy Avenue
Sunnyvale CA 94086 (408)730-4695
Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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