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January 2010

Gentle knotters,

Right now you’re probably thinking more about snow angels than any other kind. But spring IS coming, and the Finger Lakes Tatting Group has been busy planning our 12th International Tatting Seminars. Our annual event is joyfully planned for Saturday April 10 (9-5 + an evening program) and Sunday, April 11 (9:30 – 4:30).

Our theme is “Angels Among Us,” and you are invited to be one of the tatting angels. Please read and fill out your registration material carefully and note that this time many important and essential details have changed since last year.

For instance, this year, we are meeting at a new location, the Lodi Fire Department. (For anyone coming from the south, this is about 10 miles north of Hector – if you’re arriving from the north, you’re 10 miles closer. This facility offers much more room, better light and costs a bit more, but we think it’s worth it. Lunch and snacks (including the breakfast-y variety) will be provided Saturday and Sunday – complimentary for registrants; guests may join you for a small extra fee. We try to accommodate every special dietary need (we have these ourselves!) Dinner on Saturday is an optional extra and is followed by a program on angels presented by noted composer and artist Laurie Conrad, author of “Conversations with Angels.” We’re hoping you’ll attend.

There will be two class choices each day, information further on. Other activities throughout the weekend include vendors both days offering a variety of tatting supplies, displays, giveaway table, plus a Saturday evening program after dinner – this one will be about angels. Save your quarters for the raffles and silent auction – these will benefit this year’s charities and also help support this convention. Think about whether you’ll have a special raffle or silent auction item to donate and please let Karey know in advance, if possible. We will also have a “free table” for things you’d like to pass along to the right person where a raffle might not be, necessarily, the right format.

Our principal charity this year will be the Fistula Foundation – find out more about them at It’s our opportunity as a group, to be a life giving angel to one or more other women. A few other opportunities to polish your halo: Karey is collecting hat-and-mitten sets (just hats or just mittens or “magic gloves” are also welcome) to be given away to needy area children next Christmas through the area’s Seneca Santa” charity. We will do a food pantry collection as well, bring 2 or more items of non-perishable food and receive a free raffle ticket. Just for fun if you’d like to participate – on Saturday you may be a “secret angel” for another tatter. Bring at least one small wrapped gift (tatting theme or not) and when you arrive you’ll be matched with another participant for whom you’ll be a “secret angel.” If you’re participating, you’ll also be on the receiving end.

Our contest for this year was to create something using the necklace cord from last year’s goodie bag. Anyone attending this year who doesn’t have a necklace cord because they weren’t here last year, used the cord for something else or lost it – may substitute another cord.

Friday – “Local” as well as out of town tatters and their families are invited to partake in a dish-to-share dinner at the Fire Hall at 6 pm. Please let us know if you plan to attend and if you plan to bring a dish to share. If you come in early, you’re invited to stop at Karey’s shop, Graceful Arts Fiber Studio (on Route 414, about 12.5 miles south of the Lodi Fire hall, towards Watkins Glen) for tea, snacks and visiting from noon to 5 pm.

Saturday and Sunday – Our schedule invites all weekend participants to attend four classes - one 90 minute and one 3-hour class each day. Each class will be offered once each day – a short class Saturday morning and a long one Saturday afternoon; then a long class Sunday morning and a short one Sunday afternoon. Dinner Saturday night will be pasta (vegetarian and gluten-free choices available).

All registrations are logged in the order received.

We try to place you in the classes of your choice, but you may find yourself in a different class than expected. This year’s classes, as always, are heavenly, so please enjoy the ones you’re in. Several instructors will make a limited number of class materials/kits available for a nominal fee to those not taking a class who want the materials. Please let us know this with your registration so we can tell the teachers. Note that you will be paying the teachers directly for the kits – but they must know beforehand how many kits to prepare. Also, late registrants please note that if our class capacity is exceeded, we will add another short-class section and route you to that and the tat-and-chat section during the longclass..

All kit fees, including pre-ordered extras, are payable to your teachers. Please do not include these with your registration. Please note – each instructor is teaching her own original designs.

90-minute classes – offered Saturday 10:30- noon, Sunday 1:30-3:00 pm. You may take one each day – please indicate a first, second and third choice on your registration sheet.

A) Butterfly Angel – Angels and butterflies both have gorgeous wings. Dani Rotach (Dani the Geek online) will show you how to turn your pre-tatted butterfly into a three-dimensional angel whose rigid, cloth-draped body makes a lovely tree-topper , perfume cozy or ornament. You will need thread of your choice in sizes 20-80, shuttles, needle, beads and a handkerchief-sized square of fabric if you would like a color other than white. Important: you need to bring your finished tatted butterfly to class – and it’s probably going to want to be bigger than that 4-ring variety. Kit fee of $1.

B) Angelina, designed and taught by Kaye Judt.
With golden halo and gossamer wings Angelina will guide you through the techniques of split rings, split chains, block tatting and double picots.  We will also play with Angelina fibers to make her wings light as air.  Students should bring 2 shuttles or 1 size 5 tatting needle, a ball of size 10 or 20 tatting thread and usual tatting supplies.  Kit fee of $1 will cover Angelina fibers, gold thread, sewing needle and glue.

C) Tassel Angel designed and taught by Kathy Robinson. Tat a set of wings to fly with using split rings and thread encapsulation – these will be attached to a tassel you’ll make yourself or receive as a gift from Kathy. If you are not yet comfortable with split rings, this is a great learning opportunity. Bring two shuttles wound CTM in the color of your choice, size 10 or 20 thread (30 or smaller is TOO small. Optional: bring metallic thread for her halo.

D) There has to be one in every crowd! Dr. Vicki Clarke’s Little Imp is a devil of a pattern – fiendishly fun and almost unbearably cute. He (or she) is a winged devil that may be used as a Halloween motif or other occasion when a little devilish merriment is needed. This pattern uses several techniques including split rings, folded rings, floating rings, inverted rings, inverted picots, and beads. Please bring 2 shuttles, 2 colors of threads, 4 bugle beads and 5 seed beads (2 for eyes, 3 for a goatee).

E) “Little Blossom” the Lamb with Sue Fuller
Learn the techniques of split rings, split chains/bridging and adding a bead, and more. This little (4 ¼ x 3 ¾ in). cutie is perfect in a ring for a window ornament, framed or as an appliqué for clothing and accessories. For all levels who have mastered the basics of rings, chains, picots and joins. Bring two shuttles wound full (leave the balls attached with Size 10 or 20 thread - one white and one black, fine steel crochet hook for joins and basic tatting supplies. Black beads for eyes will be supplied. Sue Fuller, from Colorado, is making her first appearance at this gathering – tatters will be glad to note she’s bringing copies of her book.

3-hour classes offered Saturday 1-4:30 (includes tea-and-raffle-break) and Sunday 9:30 -12:30

F) Celtic Blessing Box Motif – Karey Solomon - If colorful tatting is among the blessings you count – or wish to learn - this class can take your use of color in some new directions as you create a pretty motif to use on a keepsake box. This is a technique-oriented class for motivated advanced-beginners on up. The class will cover tatting onto a button, chains that change directions, multi-color work, interweaving, finishing, sewing a motif onto a fabric ground – because wonderful motifs have to go somewhere and this will ensure that your motif won’t get lost (another blessing). Materials needed: A kit will be available by pre-order for $15. The kit will include a pre-made fabric box (choice of colors – email me at for possibilities) coordinating button, ribbon and beads, bead-threader, sewing needle and tatting thread. Please bring 3 shuttles and a fine crochet hook. If you wish to take the class but you really don’t want to get the kit, here’s what you’ll need please bring 4 colors of thread, all the same size (no larger than size 40 is recommended, but size 20 or 30 may alternatively be used); a small 2-hole sew-through button, small seed beads in a color to coordinate with two thread colors of a size to fit appropriately on the thread (size 11 or smaller on size 20 thread – size 10 will disappoint you; size 13 beads on size 40 or finer thread); a bead threader, three shuttles, a sewing needle whose eye may be threaded with the tatting thread used, and a fine crochet hook. Karey is the editor/principal designer & publisher of Tatting Times (now in its 19th year) and designer/publisher of 20 tatting books.

G) Angels on the Edge – Nina Libin – Using lots of beads and thread of a celestial silver or gold, Nina created a band of angels to be used in a number of beautiful ways including as jewelry or the edge of a bridal veil. Single angels may also be made to use as earrings. Class emphasis is on handling hundreds of beads and placing those beads to create a variety of outlines in a simple rings and chains pattern. Students should know how to make rings, chains, regular joins, and lock joins. Materials needed: DMC 3-ply metallic embroidery thread, seed beads size 10 and size14-15, Bring one shuttle, plain (post type) without picks or hooks, and a separate crochet hook. To save time in class there will be $12 kits available; a kit will include the printed pattern with diagrams and instructions, threaded beads ready for loading on shuttles. If you plan to use a kit, bring only a shuttle and a crochet hook. The shuttle should be large enough to hold up to 5 yards of heavily beaded metallic thread. Nina is the author of Beanile Lace, and the Lace of Beads newsletter.

H) Aria Angel - Sue Fuller
Use and compare many methods of adding beads while creating a beadlicious 4in. angel with a 3-D halo. She’s perfect in a ring for an ornament, framed or as an appliqué for gift/tatting bags and boxes. Students must be able to tat split rings and should have some experience working with beads in tatting.   

Pre-class preparation/ supplies: you’ve got four choices:

1) full kit - $12 – includes all supplies and two plastic Clover shuttles, with size 20 Lizbeth thread

2) partial kit – threads and prepared beads (noshuttles) $6

3) partial kit – prepared beads only $2

If you wish to prepare and bring your own supplies, you’ll need 2 full shuttles wound CTM preferably with white Size 20 thread, (also bring the ball) seed Beads size 10 or 11 - at least 40 gold for wings & halo plus a strand of the same gold beads at least 7” long on fine beading thread (such as a thin nylon or a strong sewing polyester sewing thread); also at least 75 beads in a coordinating color for dress and sleeve bottoms. 11 round gold beads size 6 (3-4mm) for wings and dress bottom and a fine steel crochet hook size 15 or smaller (.5mm). everyone needs to bring this fine crochet hook – it is not included in the kits.. Optional: picot gauge /measuring tool and needle nose pliers.

Flesh colored thread for hands/head and gold pearl cotton for halo will be supplied.

I. Shirley Angel – Ginny Weathers created an unconventional angel in blue jeans to commemorate Shirley Putzig, a tatting angel we lost last May and greatly miss. Many colors and several tatting skills including a Maltese ring come together to create this keepsake – bring thread in colors for her face & hands, pants, shirt, hair and wings – with 65 beads threaded on for the wings. (Ginny will supply beads if you need them). That’s five colors (Ginny has some flesh-color in size 20 to share and will bring beads for the eyes); you’ll need two shuttles per color wound CTM. Amounts to actually wind will be sent to you with your confirmation. The beaded wings require 65 beads – Ginny has a lot and will share. Ginny is currently completing her first full-length tatting book.

J. Tat and Chat – Late registrants and those who prefer a less formal class format may choose this option for Saturday or Sunday. This self-guided class format will offer you an extra goodie bag, angel patterns, and supplies for a choice of your own tatted angel projects.


If you need a place to stay, we suggest the following Bed and Breakfasts: Red House Country Inn (607/546-8566) or The Fox and the Grapes (607/582-7528) or Tillinghast B&B 607/ 869-3584) - these last two B&Bs are the closest accommodations to this year’s venue. Also nearby but a bit more expensive are the Seneca Springs Bed and Breakfast (607/546-4066) and Magnolia Place B&B 607/546-5338 For motel accommodations, the Seneca Falls/Waterloo area, about 20 miles away in a fairly straight line from the north, are the Holiday Inn Waterloo/Seneca Falls ( (1/800-Holiday for reservations or 315/539-5011, about $122 per room including tax) and the Microtel Inn & Suites 315/539-8438, $84.35 for a single room, $110 for a larger, multi-person room, add $6.50 for a third and fourth person) Need other possibilities or places to avoid? Please contact Karey for additional information.

Food / Special needs

Allergies and special needs (dietary and otherwise) should not prevent anyone from coming and enjoying the weekend. Let us know your needs and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you

Registration must be sent to Audrey Ryder by mail at 596 Tarrington Rd, Rochester, NY 14609. She needs to have it in her hands no later than March 15. Please double-check your registration carefully before sending it to Audrey. Class confirmations will be sent out after March 15. If you need to cancel after March 15, we will partially refund your registration if you wish. You may reach Karey at the above email (preferred) or via telephone if you need more information but Karey has no inside authority with registrations and lives 2 hours away from Audrey.


Karey Solomon and Kathy Robinson, co-chairs

Finger Lakes Tatting Group Mini-Convention

April 10-11, 2010 at the Lodi Firehouse

Route 414, Lodi, NY

Please print legibly

Name_________________________________ Phone (including area code)____________



_______________________________________________________ EMAIL ____________________________


-Both days………………………………………………………………. $85…………

-- Saturday only………………………………………. $50………………………….

--- Sunday only……………………………………..…. $45 …………………………

Guest for Saturday Lunch $5……….

_Saturday pasta and salad supper/ cost $7.50 per person… how many attending? ___

Guest for Sunday Lunch $5……….

Class Requests by Letter - again, please circle choices


Short class 1st choice________ 2nd choice________ 3rd choice _________

Long class 1st choice________ 2nd choice_________ 3rd choice _________


Short class 1st choice________ 2nd choice________ 3rd choice _________

Long class 1st choice________ 2nd choice_________ 3rd choice _________


Which kits do you want? If you’re choosing a class with a kit option that also offers the option of bringing your own supplies, please write “no kit.” If you’re NOT in a kit-option class but would like to order a kit anyway, please indicate this below.