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Vickie Reynolds' Black Magic Cross

Vickie writes: "As far as adapting Mary's wonderful pattern for the cross, I mentally analyzed and picked apart the various elements of her design and then put them back together on paper in a different fashion. (I'm much too analytical for my own good! hehe) To me, it seemed logical that the separate parts could be put together to make a shape with corners and I could get a cross out of it. Of course, until I got it all on paper, I wasn't sure it would work!

After I realized the cross would fly, the earrings were a shoe-in. If I tell you, "I saw them in my mind's eye," does that make any sense? I seem to have this place in my brain where I can see an entire concept and then just "know" how to make it happen. I can't explain it very well, and I probably sound "quite daft" as Jane or Mary would say, but there ya have it!

Jazzmama aka Vickie from Southwest Louisiana

Directions for the Black Magic Cross:

This is Vickie's diagram for the cross. And following is an excerpt from the original pattern by Mary Konior. BTW, Mary is sadly no longer with us, however, permission to use and adapt and share her design was obtained by Sue Hanson. Many thanks to Sue who reported at the time that "Mary was quite chuffed!" After several more emails back and forth it was discovered that "chuffed" meant pleased and flattered and NOT aggravated!! (whew...)

And here is the clever adaptation of the pattern as earrings!

Look here for a full page of six pairs of earrings by Vickie: Earrings

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Vickie Reynolds

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