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Debbie Drake's Magic Thread...A Better Way!

MT = Magic Thread

DT = Doubled Thread

The Magic Thread (MT), is a doubled piece of thread used to pull the project tail along the core thread to hide it. A common complaint with this method of hiding ends is that the MT breaks because of too-tight stitches. I will describe an adaptation to eliminate this problem.

To hide one thread (tail):

At the end of a round:

A = Doubled Thread: Cut a 4 piece of thread (same thread as your project). Double it, and tat 3 or 4 stitches over the ends (not the loop) of the DT so that the loop is over the finished stitches.

Note: I never tat over the DT for the last half of the last stitch, because the last stitch becomes too tight to pull the MT back through.

B = Cut and tie, leaving about 6 inches on the tail.

C = Magic Thread: Now cut a 6 length of a smaller gauge thread [I usually use quilting thread for the MT as it is quite strong and is approx. size 60, but DMC 80 works great, too.], threading it through the loop of the DT. Holding the tails of the DT, pull the MT through (but not out). Now the loop of the MT is at the knot (B).

D = Remove the DT, from the loop, and insert tail from project. Holding the tails of the MT, pull the project tail back through the stitches and cut close.

To hide two threads (tail):

Thinking ahead helps here. Laying in a DT at the beginning of the project will enable you to hide the tails in two different directions at the end of the project.

If you forget to do this, use two DTs (different colors if possible), but lay in the DTs (entering and exiting the work) at least stitch apart. Follow the same process as above for each tail.

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