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Martha Ess Riego Grapevine Bookmark

Many thanks to Martha Ess for this elegant and graceful adaptation of Mlle. Riego's grape pattern.

Martha writes: "For the stem chains on the bookmark, I think the stitch count was 15 DS until the first leaf and then 6 DS between the leaves and another 6 DS between the leaves and the grapes. It's worked in 2 ply of DMC embroidery floss.

Martha A. Ess June 2001

Martha added the patterns for us Martha Ess June 2001

This pattern is based on Mlle. Riego’s famous Bunch of Grapes from 1850. The pattern calls for moving from row to row in the grape cluster by passing the needle through the bottom of the grape just made, thus leaving a length of bare thread in the back. (In that pattern book, she used needles rather than shuttles.) The bare thread could be avoided by plotting a course through the cluster using split rings and/or SCMR. Because I was using variegated thread, I chose to use the original needle method so that any color gradation would be from top to bottom of the cluster, and to avoid 2-toned split rings.

Needle method: order in which rings are worked:
(The periods have been added to help keep it in the grape cluster shape)

> .1.2.
> 5.4.3
> .6.7.
> ..8..

Split ring version: you could make it using split rings working the rings in this order, with 1,5, 8 as regular rings and the rest as split rings.

> .1.2.
> 8.7.3
> .6.4.
> ..5..

R: ring Ch: chain - picot
pnt: pass needle through rw: reverse work

Grape Cluster:

Thread 1 yd of 2 ply embroidery floss (DMC 102) on a regular needle. Pretend the needle is a shuttle.

1st grape: R 10 ds, 2nd grape: R 10 ds, pnt stitch at bottom of this grape. Rw. 3rd grape: R 10 ds, pnt bottom of 2nd grape. 4th grape: R 10 ds, pnt bottom of 1st grape. 5th grape: R 10 ds, pnt bottom of 1st grape, rw, pnt bottom of 5th grape. 6th grape: 10 ds, pnt bottom of 4th grape. 7th grape: 10 ds, pnt bottom of 3rd, pnt bottom of 7th, rw. 8th grape: 10 ds, pnt bottom of 6th.

With just over 1 yd 2 ply embroidery floss (DMC 92), attach a needle or shuttle on each end.

R: 5 ds
Ch: 15 ds, do not rw.
Switch to the “ball thread” needle/shuttle. Leave 1/8 inch bare thread.
Work 3 rings, each 5 - 1 - 1 - 5.
Work 3 - 4 stitches over the bare thread like the 2nd half of a split chain.
Switch back to the original needle/shuttle and continue chain: 6 ds. Rw.
Using the working shuttle, make another leaf cluster as above. Rw. Continue chain: 6 ds. Tie threads betw 1st and 2nd grapes and work in ends.

The first motif is the bottom of the bookmark. For the following grape clusters, on the row of 3 grapes, join to the ring at the top of the vine. Join the bottom grape to the middle picot of the 1st leaf of the lower leaf cluster. (If using needle, just pass through to join.)

Each successive vine needs to curve in the opposite direction. If you practice directional/one sided tatting, remember to alternate working the leaves as front or back sided.

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