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To Cluny or KNOT to Cluny

Cluny or Petal Tatting, aka Death-Grip Tatting

Cluny or Petal tatting is actually a type of weaving process done with the ball thread wrapped around the "left" hand and the shuttle or needle carrying the thread over and under the loom threads. The product of Cluny tatting is called tallies or leaves. This construction substitutes for a chain.

Above you can see AKTATTER's first cluny tatted piece. In this piece, the white tallies were created using just the hand for a loom; the green tallies were created using a plastic loom to hold the threads. Tammy Rodgers has posted these directions for making your own cluny loom" Plastic Cluny Loom

Cluny Tatting with Mimi Dillman

Mimi Dillman has a special fondness for cluny tatting and she has developed a series of photos to help us master this technique. The instructions link is on this page with a cluny tatting bibliography and links to more cluny patterns online. Cluny with Mimi
Wally Sosa has prepared illustrations for those using the tatting needle, also. Cluny with Wally

Mimi has also created a whimsical pattern for us to practice our cluny leaves: Go Fly a Kite, with Cluny Tail! This kite uses another modern technique called the self-closing mock ring (SCMR). For details on the SCMR see The Shuttle Brothers Present the SCMR And for further practice with the SCMR see this lesson from last year: Inward Facing Picot or Self-Closing Mock Ring Exercise

Need more advice on Cluny Tatting? Contact Mimi Dillman direct.

Cluny Tatting from the Past
Priscilla #3 pg 18 Cluny Directions
Priscilla #3 pg 19 Four Antique Cluny Patterns

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