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Needle Tatting & Throwing off Rings from a Split Ring

A recent pattern by Ki Huls highlighted the technique of throwing off rings from a split ring. Although not a new technique, it is certainly a useful one with many decorative applications. Floating rings can be thrown off a chain or off a ring. The effect is still worth the effort.

Here are some notes and scans prepared by Dianna Stevens:

Begin w/ 3 yards of thread and a tatting needle. R. 6 -- 6, cl.
We will now do only half the chain. C. 5 and pull the core thread through. Unthread the needle.

Take the auxiliary thread and thread the needle. Cast on 3 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 3, cl. The auxiliary thread will become both the auxiliary and secondary core thread. Pull the thread through. The ring will be self closing. You do not have to grab the loop. It will automatically close in a ring.

Unthread the auxiliary thread. Rethread the primary or original core thread. Finish the second half of the chain. C. 5, RW.

You can continue in like manor to form a motif or create a design of your own. Watch your tension when practicing this technique. It is easy to have gapsosis, if the threads are not cast on right next to the previous ds.

And here are tips from Gale Marshall:

To make a ring thrown off a split ring, using the true ring method, you will need an additional needle and the thread must be cut from the ball so that the needle can be threaded.

Using the main ring thread, start your ring. When you get to the point where you need to make an external ring, take needle two and tat your ring, making it as close to needle one as possible, unthread needle one, thread needle two and close the ring. If there are other rings thrown off on this half, you do not need to rethread needle one until the split ring is complete.

Now, reverse the needle and make the beginning of the second half using the chain thread or another source ( You will be working over the eye of the needle ).

To make a ring thrown off the second half of the split:

When you reach the point where you need to throw off a ring, take your second needle, make the ring, thread needle two, using the thread you used to make the stitches, and close the ring.

Continue with split ring and repeat the steps above if you need another ring; you can leave this needle threaded as long as the needle doesn't get in your way.

Thread needle one with the ring thread, or as a quick tip.... use the thread hanging closest to the pointy end

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