Georgia Seitz Ribbonwinners
Tatting Patterns & Shuttles
1227 CR 1760 E
Greenup Illinois USA

This is an exercise using the picot gauge. The pattern also has two untied mock picots and two split rings. Mark Myers has made this pattern available for the use of the online tatting class students. It can be seen with other miniature tatted doilies at the site below.

Model tatted by Char

There are 2 DS between each picot or join on both ring and chains, however, the chains begin and end with 3 DS.

Wind two shuttles CTM.
Tat the first inner ring normally.
Then create an untied mock picot by measuring out a length of both threads equal to the length of a picot on the first ring.

Choose for yourself which picot to use to climb out then tat split ring and close. Create a second untied mock picot.

Tat second split ring and close. Do not reverse work.

Remember chains begin and end with 3 DS. Tat chains normally around. However, you may want to tat the rings (which join to the inner picots) in reverse half stitch order if you want the all right side up look.

Note that the picots on the side chains are all the same size.
Examine the five picots on the two end chains of the oval.
The second and fourth picots match the length of the picots on the side chains.
The first and last picots are smaller. The middle picot is larger.

A picot gauge can be used either vertically or horizontally.

Vertical Method

Horizontal Method