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Beginner's Class Homepage

Class 1: Getting Started     Introduction, Meet & Greet
    About Classes & Classroom     Supplies for Classes
    Winding the Shuttle

Class 2: Beginning to Tat
    Learn the Double Stitch - DS, ds
    How to Tat a Ring - R
    About Reverse Work - RW
    About Picots - p

Class 3: More Techniques
    Adding a Thread
    Tatting a Chain - Ch
    Do Not Reverese Work - DNRW
    Up Join & Down Join
    Intro to Pattern Reading

Class 4:
    More Pattern Reading
    Folded Ring
    Shuttle Lock Join - SLJ

Class 5:
    Playing with Picots
    Shoe Lace Trick - SLT
    Tatting Split Rings - SpR

Class 6:
    Self Closing Mock Ring - SCMR
    Thrown off Ring - TOR

Beg. Class Logs



Beginner's Shuttle Tatting Class 6

Learn how to do:

Class 1 Preparation: (supplies not provided by class)

  • 2 Shuttles, thread, crochet hook, scissors
  • Beginner Doily by Harolah – try to finish
  • Go back and re-tat a previous piece with a new skill applied. (Comment which skill).


A Self-Closing Mock Ring is a shuttle tatter's term for a chain that has been formed into a ring by means of passing the shuttle through a loop of the chain's core thread left at the base of the intended ring. Needle tatters will recognize this as the ring they usually make!

Gary and Randy Houtz named and popularized the SCMR. They have a 2-part set of instructions diagrams showing how to make them.

Index page:

Self Closing Mock ring:

Rings on Ball:

Rings on Rings:

SCMR Heart:

GR8 Butterfly:

Da Udder Butterfly:


These are often referred to Rings off Chains or Rings.

Frequently as you look at patterns in books, you will see rings standing up on chains instead of being made at the end of chain arches. For shuttle tatters, these rings on chains require that you use 2 shuttles to tat the motif, replacing the ball with the 2nd shuttle.

By now you have developed the ability to tell the shuttle thread from the ball thread as they exit the work, without looking around for the ball. The working thread will be the one exiting the core of the main rings and chains; the ball thread will be the one forming the stitches on top. It will exit at an angle to the working thread.

To form the ring on top of a chain, stop making the chain at the appropriate place. Do not reverse your work. Drop the original working shuttle or needle, and use the shuttle attached to the thread which used to function as the ball thread to make the ring as called for in the pattern.

After closing the ring, put this thread back over your left hand into the chain position. Pick up the shuttle which was the working thread before you stopped to make the ring, and continue the chain.

Have fun, We will see you in class.

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