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Intermediate Shuttle Tatting: Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. EST
Advanced Shuttle Tatting: Wednesdays 4:00 p.m. EST
Beginning Needle Tatting: Thursdays 4:00 p.m. EST

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Class Topics

Beginner's Class Homepage

Class 1: Getting Started
    Introduction, Meet & Greet
    About Classes & Classroom     Supplies for Classes
    Winding the Shuttle

Class 2: Beginning to Tat
    Learn a Double Stitch - DS, ds
    How to Tat a Ring - R
    About Reverse Work - RW
    About Picots - p

Class 3: More Techniques
    Adding a Thread
    Tatting a Chain - Ch
    Do Not Reverese Work - DNRW
    Up Join & Down Join
    Intro to Pattern Reading

Class 4:
    More Pattern Reading
    Folded Ring
    Shuttle Lock Join - SLJ

Class 5:
    Playing with Picots
    Shoe Lace Trick - SLT
    Tatting Split Rings - SpR

Class 6:
    Self Closing Mock Ring
    Thrown Off Rings (TOR)

Beg. Class Logs



Beginner's Shuttle Tatting Class 2 - Beginning to Tat


  • learn to make a Double Stitch
  • learn to make a Ring
  • About Reverse Work - DS, ds
  • learn how a Picot is formed
Class 2 Preparation (supplies not provided by class)
  • 1 or 2 Shuttles
  • Thread of your choice – 2 different colors (recommend size 10; use 3 or 5 if too thin)
  • Scissors
  • Crochet Hook
  • Download pattern for Sand Dollar Pendant & Earrings, adapted by Kendra Goodnow - a free pattern from Handy Hands


  • Sand Dollar Pendant - tat the earrings only
  • Homework Picture Options
    • Include pic of a set of matching earrings.
    • Include pic of you “wearing” earrings (get creative, you don’t have to buy earring fittings…humor counts, too)!
    • Include pic of shuttle(s)

THE DOUBLE STITCH - Class Video Double Stitch and the flip.

Our first tatting concept: The Double Stitch in tatting is composed of 2 flipped half stitches on a core thread. It is most frequently abbreviated as "ds."

Make the 2 halves of the Double Stitch when the double stitch can slide on the core thread. Don't let either half unflip or the ds will be locked and will not slide!

Many left-handed people say that they prefer to tat "right-handed" (methods illustrated above) because, the left-hand has the more difficult job (smaller adjustments). If you're left-handed, we recommend you try the above way first; if it's not working for you, here are left-handed illustrations:

You may also try viewing illustrations and videos in a mirror.

TATTING A RING - Class Video: Making rings and chains with picots using a shuttle

All regular Rings are made with one thread. Let's make Double Stitches in a "Ring"!

Pinch the thread where the base of the Ring will begin (if you are beginning a pattern with a Ring, leave a tail of about 8 inches for later finishing of thread ends).

Take the SHUTTLE Thread over the backs of your fingers of your non-shuttle hand. Then continue round your hand and up the palm side, then include it in the pinch. At this point the core thread is pinched between your thumb and your index (or middle) finger in 2 spots with a wind around your hand between. This is often called the Loom.

Start to make your double stitches. Keep your fingers as widely apart as possible when you start the ring; that will give you more thread to work with.

Tatting stitches use up a small amount of thread with each stitch and the Loom will get smaller. It may feel awkward at first and you may find that the ring of thread falls off your fingers from time to time.

If you find your ring of thread gets too small to work with, pull on the thread that lies under your hand - this will enlarge it (the shuttle thread will get shorter and you may find you have to unwind some more thread from the shuttle) and give you more room to work.

Once you have made the desired number of stitches, take the stitches and thread off your hand. Pinch the stitches of the ring between your index and thumb fingers. This will give you some control if the ring starts to twist as you close it.

Pull carefully on the thread coming from your shuttle and you will see the ring begin to close (if it doesn't you probably have an unflipped stitch). It can help to pull the thread away from the last DS and towards the first DS. Pull until the ring closes completely, and the stitches lie flat in a neat oval.

Happy Tatting, we'll see you in class!

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