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Lessons & Logs

First off we will be going over all the things you will need to have a successful learning experience, we also want to meet and greet everyone and get to know you, and what you are looking for with these classes. We want to introduce new members to the teachers and the new teacher coming in for an added class. Yes you saw that right we have added a new class to the schedule. We will now hold 4 classes a week. You will get all the details on Monday. I know the suspense is going to get to you and build even more excitement.

All you have to do for Monday’s class is be there, bring a pen and paper with you and tons of enthusiasm. I will give you the schedule for all the classes at that time. Of course I saved the best reason to come to Monday’s class for last. We may have a special guest for a few moments and if able you may be very impressed with who is coming…. That is all I will say about that. Just let your creative mind spin and we all hope to see you there.

If you haven’t been in the classes before contact me at theonlinetattingclass@gmail.com. I will get you into the classrooms. If you have been there before I can’t wait to see you again. Happy Tatting Everyone.
Class Log

Discuss split chain how it is made and what it is used for.   Split Chain Video
Discuss split ring and how it can be used.
Discuss mock picot or false picot and how it may be used.
Class homework is Valerie's Square
Class Log

Continue looking at Valerie's Square
It can be tricky reading a vintage pattern.
We'll take a deep dive by reviewing how to correct mistakes and how to move forward. That's a lot to cover in one hour, but there will be plenty of helpers and lots of hints and tips. I look forward to posting samples!
Class Log 01/25/21

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