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Tamie, our new Monday class instructor will be teaching:
The Alligator Join & Catherine Wheel Join
Adding a New Thread & Hiding Ends
There are also videos on these topics: Alligator Join, Catherine Wheel Join, Adding Thread
& Tat Over Tails, Sew in Ends
Lesson Log 10/19/20

Surprises, Prizes and Fun!
Lesson Log 10/12/10

Vicki Clarke shares her Bottle Cap Pumpkin pattern with us!
Technique developed by Diane Green Cademortori: Pop Top Ice Drops

Lesson Log 10/05/10

9/28/2020 No Classes

Our pattern for today is: Grow-Your-Own Pumpkin Part 1
Techniques used :
Folded Rings -
Martha Ess Tutorial
BDS - Balanced Double Stitch

Lesson Log 9/21/2020

Muskaan's Frost Flower Snowflake
We will go through the pattern for the 6 point Snowflake.
Techniques used :

SCM(J)R Self-closing mock Josephine ring
TR Thrown Ring,
Rev St or RS Reverse Stitch

Frost Flower Snowflake by Muskaan
Lesson Log 9/14/2020


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