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Flash! AKTATTER is retiring from the Online Tatting Class.

In this, my 41st year of tatting, I am going to step back from some of the tatting activities that I have enjoyed so much over the decades. As you may recall, back when I had kidney cancer in 2015 we held a fundraiser to finance the class website. The generosity of the tatters then has supported the class for the last 5 years but it runs out in April 2020.

My little mail order business of books, threads, and shuttles used to support the class and cover the other expenses necessary to keep going. Internet costs have only gone up. But DH has stepped down from making shuttles now and the books I offer are being sold by long-time distributors. My own books 1 -7 need to be revised and updated and Book 7 needs to be finished.

It has been a wonderful run. And I cannot begin to thank everyone who has helped make it possible. Cynthia Stevenson has covered the beginners class for years as did Mimi Dillman and others before her. Susan Fuller's design class made a new source for learning, too.

Were you there when we started in Nov. 1999? A handful of tatters from an AOL chat room and then a batch of Pink Pig members began to share their knowledge and friendships began to spread as tatting spread across the world. Who knew we would have an average of 1500 tatters registered as the semesters passed? And every day there are requests from more tatters to join.

And so many talented tatters came forward to share their work and patterns with us. The list is endless! Look at how many of our group are now published designers? Practically household names among tatters. And more and more men are joining the ranks, too.

So what to do? If Cynthia and Susan agree to continue, then the class needs a new mentor for the regular class. And it could be more than one volunteer. 2-3 tatters who worked together would be able to keep things going. Although Mon. has been our traditional meeting day, that can be changed also.

Think of a week without the Online Tatting Class...Who will help keep the classes going?

Join us for a meet and greet on Jan. 13, 2020.
Log is posted AFTER class. Jan. 13, 2020 log