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2018 Lessons

Happy Holidays! The Online Tatting Class is now in winter recess. Watch for lessons resuming in mid-January!

Dec. 10, 2018
Beware of errors in old patterns!
Workbasket edging with a surprise ending!

Lesson Log for Dec. 10, 2018 log

Dec. 03, 2018
The Online Tatting Class Resumes.
Let's catch up on your tatting projects for the holidays.

Lesson Log for Dec. 03, 2018

Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you for your service, too.

Nov. 12, 2018
I will be away Nov. 12 & 19 but hopefully some of the tatters wil be in class to help.
Ruth Perry and many others worked on that Riego edging that had the picots crossed in a "funny" manner. Here is Ruth's version: Riego Style Edging by Ruth Perry
dagmar p sample reigo celtic picots
Dagmar's sample

Lesson Log for Nov. 12, 2018 2018

The log may not be available until later. You may also save or print the log in the classroom.

Nov. 5, 2018
Mlle Riego is a familiar name to all tatters. All her books are available for free download as they are in the public domain. See The Antique Pattern Library
This week join us as we study Mlle. Riego's Lace Tatting Book 1866,

Riego Maltese or pearl tatting illustration

Lesson Log for Nov. 05, 2018 2018

Oct. 29, 2018
grapes and leaves by Karen Carbrera

Grapes and Leaves from the Priscilla Tatting Book #3

A study by Karen Cabrera (Master Tatter with some samples for us to see.

Lesson Log for Oct. 29, 2018

Oct. 22, 2018
classic rosette by Georgia Seitz

Beginning and Intermediate tatters are especially invited to study this lesson with us. It is a classic rosette by Anne Orr and it teaches us how to climb out from the center to the edge without cutting the thread.
Rose Medallion #39 by Anne Orr

Lesson Log for Oct. 22, 2018

Oct. 15, 2018
flowers on lace box by Sharon Briggs

Sharon Briggs tatted this lace box and flowers. The pattern for the flowers was published previously as "Violet Pattern - Tatted Lace Pattern Collection" in her newsletter Volume 2 Edition 3 May 2004. ©Sharon Brigss 2004-2006. Many thanks to her for sharing this with us.

Lesson Log for Oct. 15, 2018

Oct. 08, 2018
the cluny flower by Dagmar Pezzuto in the fan/bird pattern

Part 2: Dagmar Pezzuto's tatted interpretation of a fan with cluny flowers and hummingbird.
Last week we studied the tatting of the bird up to the attachment of the wings which will continue today. Our study of the cluny flower needed more information so Dagmar has provided a step by step photo tutorial an the tatting of it.
Dagmar's Fan Cluny Flower Tutorial

For review: Cluny info

Lesson Log for Oct. 08, 2018

Oct. 01, 2018
Dagmar completed another challenge piece! I discovered a crocheted fan with a bird photo online and wondered if it could be recreated in tatting? Dagmar made it so!
Dagmar Pezzuto's tatted interpretation of a fan with cluny flowers and hummingbird.
the cluny flower by Dagmar Pezzuto in the fan/bird pattern

For review: Cluny info

Lesson Log for Oct. 01, 2018

Sept. 24, 2018
Nina Libin shares her Floating Heart Necklace
Please review:

Lesson Log for Sept. 24, 2018

Sept. 17, 2018
Welcome back! Join us to share your summer tatting and see what you might have missed.

Summer Review

June 4, 2018
Daniela Mendola shares a cute fob pattern. Daniela Mendola's Motif #8

Daniela's fob #8

Wally Sosa presents Medallion #3 from Anne Orr's Star Book #2

Lesson Log for June 04, 2018

May 28, 2018
Sonya Loyd's Tatted Flag Earrings.

Flag Notes about Patterns Online

Lesson Log for May 28, 2018

May 21, 2018
Usha's Charming Frill

Usha's Charming Frill
This is a good exercise in the Catherine Wheel Join by Patricia Cobb. For review, please see:

Lesson Log for May 21, 2018

May 14, 2018
The Dora Young Knot stitch study continues with a video by Karen Cabrera.

And specially for needle tatters and tatting historians, "Mary T. Mason and Adolph M. Calpini's Method of Tatting." The public patent info:

Lesson Log for May 14 2018

May 7, 2018
 cover of original
Review: Dora Young Knot Stitch Understanding the Technique,

Dora Young Knot Stitch - Seeking information

The secret is solved!

Lesson Log for May 7, 2018

No class on April 30, 2018. Take time to review the list of online tatting books in the public domain. Free Download Public Domain Tatting Books

April 23, 2018
Happy St. George's Day!
Ninetta Caruso shares her interpretation of the Butterfly pattern #39 from "Forty Original Designs in Tatting by Nellie Hall Youngburg, Novel and Unique Designs with Complete Instructions for Every Pattern Designed and Executed by Nellie Hall Youngburg, Brookings, SD ©1921."

And check out the exciting May issue of PIECEWORK magazine.

Lesson Log for April 23, 2018

April 16, 2018
Gapsosis -

Dot Picot Cross Project -

This pattern was a joint effort to prepare a cross pattern with lots of techniques to practice. I had been thinking of the dot picots and sketched out a cross pattern with lots of them. Next I asked Jane Eborall to make my sketch a comprehensible diagram. After working with it and making a list of suggestions as to what the tatted elements were, I asked Usha to test tat it. She did a lovely job of it and recruited help from Muskaan to make a great lesson to study. Many thanks to all who helped to make this possible.

Dot Picot Tutorial by Usha

Note that the technique, switch shuttles (SS,) is used in these patterns. It is a method to both change the thread that is active and the position in which the two threads lay. It would look something like this:
Wind shuttles CTM and begin with shuttle A as shuttle thread and shuttle B as ball thread. *R= 6 - 6 cl, rw ch = 10 rw repeat from * 3 times SR= 6 / 6
Switch shuttles so B is shuttle thread and A is ball thread.
To practice this method try Donata's Angel Recumbent -

Lesson Log for April 16, 2018

April 9, 2018
Split Ring Rosary by Jeanne Lugert, Bella Online Tatting Newsletter for April 5, 2018

Lesson Log for April 09, 2018

April 2, 2018
TBC Instructions & Design for Tatting #8631 pub. by Buettner 1916

Bach vs Beethoven methods in tatting design.
Meloni Bow

Negative Space Star of David

Lesson Log for April 02, 2018

Happy International Tatting Day! April 1, 2018.

March 26, 2018
A lovely collar or insert pattern from Nellie H Youngburg's cover pattern on pg 21. New model and diagram prepared by Dagmar Pezzuto.
Basket of Flowers - NHY #40

NHY cover #40
Lesson Log for March 26, 2018

March 19, 2018
Anne Orr Book 2 (undated)

And a new book by Inga Madsen! Christmas Tatting

Lesson Log for March 19 2018

March 12, 2018
Josephine Rings are prominently featured in this vintage collar from the Young Englishwoman, pg.233.
Dainty Collar #245

Kathy Konek Brussells Square

Kathy's square is like a puzzle so be careful which direction you tat!

Need a basket? Try this paper clip design from Wanda Salmans.
Basket Paper clip Doodle Wanda Salmans 2014

Lesson Log for March 12 2018

March 5, 2018
There have been questions this week about the Catherine Wheel Join. Let's do a review using Ellen Lai's paper clip pattern

And we can use these tutorials for reference, too.

Lesson Log for March 5, 2018

Feb. 26, 2018
Surprise pattern from Shelley Perrault.

Watch out for errors on this vintage collar. The page ended about midway so I was guessing a lot. But, it is full of great techniques which you will love and the collar itself would be perfect for the Spring Holidays.
Vintage Collar
Please note that previous patterns 174 and 176 have been identified as from "La Mode Illustrée" 1872 by Edwige Renaudin. See Feb. 19, 2018.
Spring? Hmm remember this pattern?
Ruth Perry Block Tatted Egg
and Mimi's Cluny Egg?

Lesson Log for Feb. 26, 2018

Feb. 19, 2018
Vintage Patterns say the craziest things!
Check this one out

Shared by Verbena Creations:
Celtic Butterfly.
The directions in English:
Celtic Butterfly by Verbena Creations

Verbena Creazioni celtic butterfly all letters green but the 4 red

R (A) 4nd, p, 10nd, p with bead, 2nd, close.
R (B) 2nd, INS, 10nd, p, 4nd, close and turn.
CH (C) 3rd, p with bead, 3nd, close and turn.

R (D) Red 5nd, Ins (B), 14nd, P, 2nd, p with 3 beads, 2nd, p, 14nd, p, 5nd, close.
R (E) 14nd, p with 3 beads, 9nd, p with bead, 5nd, close.

R (F) Red 5nd, Ins (D), 10nd, p with 10 beads, 15nd, close and turn.
CH (G) 3nd, p with bead, 3nd, close and turn.

R (H) 6nd, Ins (E), 8nd, p with 3 beads, 8nd, close.
R (s) 8nd, p with 3 beads, 8nd, p with bead, 6nd, close and turn.
CH (J) 3nd, p with bead, 3nd, close and turn.

R (K) Red 15nd, p with 10 beads, 10nd, p with bead, 5nd, close.
R (L) 5nd, Ins (I), 9nd, p with 3 beads, 15nd, close.

R (M) Red 5nd, Ins (K), 14nd, P, 2nd, p with 3 beads, 2nd, p, 14nd, INS (A), 5nd, close and turn.
CH (N) 3nd, p with bead, 3nd, close and stop in first nd of R (A).

Lesson Log for Feb. 19, 2018

Feb. 12, 2018
Dagmar shares a "sweetheart" of a cluny pattern with us.

Dagmar Pezzuto's Cluny Angel Heart

AND!! The Snowdrift Snowflake by Harolah Cheser

Plus: If we can find it, there is a tatted top hat pattern about the size of a thimble, we can use to celebrate Lincoln's birthday.

It seems that the top hat is lost. But fear not! We have a new tatter with her first ever design shared with the class! Welcome Corretta Dee Loughmiller.

Lesson Log for Feb. 12, 2018

Superbowl Sunday Special Event!
Feb. 4, 3PM ET (New York time) one meeting only.
Join us and ignore the Superbowl by tatting Wally Sosa's annual birthday and superbowl snowflake 2018.
Wally Sosa's annual birthday and superbowl snowflake 2018

Lesson Log for Feb. 04, 2018

AND!!! Feb. 5, 2018
Phyllis Schmidt's Three Hearts
3 hearts by Phyllis Schmidt 2018

Lesson Log for Feb. 05, 2018

Jan. 29, 2018
tulip by Mary Donahue 2007
Hearts and Flowers by Mary Donohue and Sue Hanson

Lesson Log for Jan. 29, 2018

patttern for pink project

Sample by Muskaan
Tat a Brussels Monument for the World Lace Congress
Posted by M. Leigh Martin on November 30, 2017 at 3:18am in Tatting Back to Tatting Discussions

If you haven't heard about "TAT A BRUSSELS MONUNENT" for the World Lace Congress in August of 2018 taking place in Brussels, here's the link:
I hope all tatters will participate! This is a very ambitious project and will need all the support it can get. Many hands make light work..