The 2017 Tatting Scholarship begins with a new way to donate
The Online Tatting Class has 3 channels on you tube:
1.Beginning Shuttle Tatting:
2.Beginning Needle Tatting:
3.Advanced Tatting:
How it works?
1. Each channel begins with a video, approx. 2 mins. If you let it run, then we get a good donation. It is possible to close the ad box and the video will still play.
2. Ads at the bottom of the screen generate a very tiny donation, maybe 70 cents a month but every little bit helps.
3. Youtube pages will continue to play ads whether or not we get a donation from them.
4. Actually watching the ads are optional.
Thanks for your help.


Special project guided by Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth has created two charts to aid us. One is a list of techniques that can be useful in design, organizing them by how they might be used. It is divided into 3 sections: general tips and techniques, element substitutions, and, lastly, simple to complex changes in appearance. Each concept or term will have a pattern or instruction page with it. Tatting Techniques & Videos

Tatting Tutorials

New!! Tatting videos!

Needle class

Shuttle class

Advanced class

The first 2 focus on the material that is part of the beginning class series. The last group will be tat-a-longs and special techniques. Please check them out and leave a comment. Thanks to the many tatters who share their patterns, teach the classes, and keep tatting alive!See you in class!

Jane Eborall's Tatting Tutorial

Palmetto Tatters Guild Standard Tatting Notation

Karen Cabrera's Spanish Language Tatting Tutorials

more coming soon