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The Online Tatting Class is beginning a project to create 52 earrings, a pair for each week of the year. I thought I should study a bit about earrings and earring findings first. I have discovered that I know very little about jewelry making. You would think I could just look in my jewelry box and see what was there. But, I do not wear earrings. I have never worn earrings, not even on my wedding day. And, I probably will never wear earrings. So what is my interest in earrings? It's all Jane Eborall's fault.

One day at the Palmetto Tat Days, I met up with Jane and became mesmerized with her purse. It was an ordinary purse when it was purchased. But Jane had made it into a work of art. I don't know how many there were but the entire purse was decorated with what looked like earrings to me. Every color, every style, beaded and not. It was a delight for the eyes.

What a happy project it would be to make a "purse full"of earrings to wear or to share. I started looking about my tatting boxes for something with which I could to experiment. So far I have admired many patterns online but still had no real starting point. Then I noticed my name tag from the last tat days I attended. I received lots of tatted bits which I always add onto my name tag and let them dangle.

I also noticed my boxes of donated tatting for the last 4 scholarship fundraisers. Lots of interesting shapes everywhere. In my scan below are some of the items I found. Items #1 and 3 are tatted with fine gold thread and beads so small I do not know how they could have holes in them. #4 was a simple snowflake. I sewed a red button in the center and opened the earring loop to slide a green bead over it and voila, earring! #2 has a hanging loop build into it and would be a perfect earring. #6 shows and earring loop. They come in silver and gold.

But there are clip on type earring, too. #7 shows that style. It had a hole at the bottom where I tied on the smiley face. #8 was a complete 6 pt. medallion with beads. I was hard to get it onto the loop and probably would work better with a dedicated loop at the top for hanging. #12, an Emmy Liebert design, and #5, a former bookmark, have loops that are just perfect for earrings. That lovely lavender angel is lopsided because the picots with the beads were so small I could not get a picot over the loop and had to go for the larger ring opening instead. #11 is a perfect designs and has a built in hanging loop. #10 was a gift already made into earrings for me. That edging pattern should be familiar to all of us.

So we have lots of ideas, the possibilities are endless. We just need patterns. Either original ones or public domain patterns modernized for earrings.

Any questions? You are welcome to email me:

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