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Fun With Split Ring Tatting by Karen Bovard

I first learned the split ring tatting technique from Mary Sue Kuhn's "The Joy of Split Ring Tatting." It is amazing how this technique can add to the decorative value as well as enhance the construction of tatted lace. Karen Bovard's tatting work has always fascinated me. (See the motorcycle below.) So I was very pleased to see this book. Karen's first tatting book has wonderfully illustrated instructions for the basic split ring as well as illustrations to cover many of its uses in tatting. Through these pages the tatter will gain a greater understanding of tatting construction. It will "give you an understanding of the uniqueness of the technique, how to manipulate it, and various ways to work it." (Karen Bovard.)

There are 55 designs and 37 pages of patterns in this 66 page 8"x10" (20.5cm x 25.5cm)full-color book ©2012. The patterns include: motifs, crosses, edgings and bookmarks. Many patterns are geometric shapes which when tatted in multiples will lend themselves to creating large pieces, such as tablecloths and even wearable accessories. All the patterns are given with full color photos of the lace and color coordinated diagrams. Even tutorials about the joins and floating rings are two-tone for easier understanding. It is modestly priced and available directly from Karen Bovard (

front and back cover of

Karen is also well-known as a shuttle maker, The ShuttleSmith. Her shuttles were created in sterling silver and engraved and remain highly prized. She is an excellent designer and teacher as well. Check with your local lace guild to see where she might be teaching next.

heart pattern from

Karen shares this sample pattern with us. Give it a try!

I highly recommend this book which I acquired for my own personal tatting reference library. G. Seitz.

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