Subj: Info for Newsletter 
Date: 1/14/02 11:18:51 AM Alaskan Standard Time
From: DomestArts

Here is the title and outline for the March program

Judging Lace in Competition:  Education and information for better lacemaking.  

1.    Purpose:  An informed and educated lacemaker is a better lacemaker.
    a.    The process of judging lace
    b.    Hands on opportunity

2.    What makes a good judge?
3.    What a Judge looks for.
4.    Judging Systems
    a.    Danish Judging System
    b.    American Judging System
5.    Score Card:
      a.   Workmanship
      b.   Degree of Difficulty
      c.   Design Compatibility
      d.   Presentation
      e.   Comments
6.  Summary:  When we apply this knowledge to our lacemaking techniques, we can strive to make a better lace in quality and presentation.

I hope this peaks interest among the members.  

Dianna Stevens
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