Georgia Seitz Ribbonwinners
Tatting Patterns & Shuttles
1227 CR 1760 E
Greenup Illinois USA
Fundraiser for Palmetto Tat Days Scholarship
Coordinated by Mary Maynard

Last fall, Georgia (AK) offered the online tatting class a page consisting mostly of split ring edgings. ( newsletter for Dec. 13, 2011.) I was fortunate enough to find the publication in which that page was originally published. After talking with AK, I decided to tat the 12 edgings shown. It was while I was working the designs, but after I discovered that I had made an unintentional design variation, that I began to think about options. How really much fun it might be if we all tried creating intentional design variations. Then I went one step further. What about a publication to offer as a fundraising project for the scholarship fund for the Palmetto Tat Days? I called AK. She agreed with much delight.

On the following pages are updated versions of those split ring edgings. A couple technical adjustments have been made. It quickly became obvious that pattern 3 was actually related to image #4. So that change has already been made. I am already submitting a possible intentional design variation for one of the early edgings. I hope that each person who regularly joins class will offer variations. Together we should be able to create a truly comprehensive collection of split ring edgings.

With Georgia’s help, I am offering to edit the whole project so that the final result will be consistent as to order of patterns and, again, with her help, as accurate and correct as possible.

Finally, that unintentional design variation I mentioned earlier? A single ball of thread to the first five of you who identify it. The thread is vintage. I have a box of Clarks O.N.T., 6 cord, ecru, size 50, 125 yards (since there are only 125 yards, two balls of this thread will be sent). I also have a box of D M C, size 70, 361 yds, white.

This project must be ready for printing by the first of May, so there will have to be time goals set for both you contestants and for me as contestant and editor. I hope that this will be a fun project for all of us."

Mary Maynard

Any questions? You are welcome to email me:

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