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Fancy Picot Free-Form Tatted Flowers by Susan Cuss
R = ring
CH = chain
- = picot
--- = large picot
+ = j = join
ds = double stitch
d = 1st half of a ds
s = 2nd half of a ds
clr = close ring

R = 1ds(---2d, ---2s) x12 clr
CH1 = 1ds (4d,4s) x4 - 1ds
CH2 = 1ds, 21s - 8s - 5s
CH3 = 1ds, 7s + (j to last CH2) 10s + (j to 1st CH2) 27s + (j to CH1)
CH4 = 1ds (4d, 4s) x4, 2ds
CH 5= 5ds

CHa = 1ds,(6d, 6s) x4 - 1ds
CHb = 1ds, 24s - 9s - 6s
CHc = 1ds, 8s + (j to last CHb) 12s + (j to 1st CHb) 31s +(j to CHa)
CHd = 1ds (6d,6s)x4
R = 1ds - 1ds(---2d, ---2s) x12 clr

End here for smaller flower. Continue on for larger flowers.

CH = 1ds(---2d, ---2s) x24 + (j to last R)
Cut & tie, using ends to attach to card or fabric
The size of the large picots determines the length of the flower petals.

Samples by test tatter Susan Hamel
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