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Cross Bookmark with a Story to Tell by AJ Sutton

AJ Sutton has designed a cross bookmark which tells a story. It reflects the Holy Trinity at the top and is followed by the Three Wise Men. The stem of the bookmark is composed of 12 rings to represent the 12 Disciples and the four rings at the bottom stand for the Four Gospels.

You may begin at the top or the bottom of the bookmark. A tassel may be created for use at either end.¤t=MVI_1937.mp4

From the top down, the first 3 rings are regular rings. R 1 - 6 - 6 - 6 - 6 - 1 clr Leave no space between the rings. Join at first picot on repeats
The next three rings are split rings,
Split ring 1 + 6 - 6 - 1 / 1 + 6 - 6 - 1 clr
The mock picot should not show at all.
The 12 rings of the stem are also spint rings with 4 ds per side.
A short chain follows the last split ring. It looks to be 4 or 5 ds long.
The last four rings are all regular rings with 4 ds betweeon picots.

Many thanks to AJ for sharing her work with the Online Tatting Class.

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