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Gina Brummet Shares a Vintage Pattern Using the Inward
Facing Picot from Needlecraft Magazine January 1921

Gina Brummet is a long time member of the online tatting class. She is well known to tatters also through her online blog:
Be sure to visit today and see this wonderful "Lantana" thread Gina has used to great effect. Gina got the thread from Tatskool. And while you are there stop by Gina's free patterns page. The gingerbread man was my favorite!

1 shuttle w approx 18” thread

Central Ring – 1 ds (hiding end in stitches as you go), (p, 2 ds) 7 times, p, 1 ds, clr, cut & hide final end. Set aside.

2 shuttles CTM

Ring A: (2 ds, p) 2 times, 4 ds, long picot (1/4”), 4 ds, (p, 2 ds) 2 times, clr, rw
Chain A: (3 ds, p) 5 times, 3 ds, rw
Ring B: 2 ds, p, 2 ds, + (join) to 4th p of prev ring, 4 ds, + to long p of previous ring, 4 ds, p, 2ds, p, 2 ds, clr
Chain A, rw; Ring B, rw
Chain B: (3 ds, p) 5 times, 3 ds, + to long picot that three prev rings were joined together in, rw
Chain D: You continue with a chain here but with the opposite shuttle so you “switch working shuttle” or if you happen to use a ball and thread instead of 2 shuttles, you can do the shoelace trick to get the ball thread in the proper position. This next chain should arch in the same direction as the previous chain.5 ds, p, 5 ds, + to p of central ring that was set aside, 5 ds, p, 5 ds, rw

Again, you need to switch the working shuttle or do the shoelace trick. Hang a paper clip on the working shuttle thread to make an inward facing picot. This picot replaces the long picot used for joins in Ring A in the remaining sequences around the square. This needs to be a long picot so to keep it from snugging up, make the first ds a lockstitch by not flipping. Then...

Chain C: 2 ds (with lockstitch just made this will be the same as 3 ds in Chain A), p, 3 ds, p, 3 ds, + to center p of last Chain B, 3 ds, p, 3 ds, p, 3 ds, rw
Ring C: (2 ds, p) twice, 4 ds, + to long inward facing picot (remove paperclip), 4 ds, ( p, 2 ds) twice, rw
Chain A, rw;Ring B, rw
Chain A, rw;Ring B, rw
Chain B, rw
Chain E: (SS or SLT) 5 ds, + to last p of Chain D, 5 ds, + to central ring, skipping one picot from last j to central ring, 5 ds, p, 5 ds, rw

Repeat from Chain C twice, but with last Chain E, + last p of chain to 1st p of first chain D, rwSwitch working shuttles or SLT and make Chain B, + in middle picot of opposite Chain A and then join at end in base of 1st ring.

Clr = close ring
Rw = reverse work
P = picot
Ch = chain
+ = join, see also down join vs up join
CTM = continuous thread method (wind 1st shuttle, do not cut thread, pull 4-5 yards off ball and then cut, winding 2nd shuttle from cut end)
Inward Facing Picot Please see:core thread picot
compare to: working thread picot

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