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Single Shuttle Split Ring - Takeda Style - Drawings by Jane Eborall

Step 1. Tat the split ring to the mid point normally.

Step 2. Pull out a loop of thread from the shuttle. This loop you will hold and move as if it were a shuttle.

Step 3. Tat normally the remaining ds using the loop/shuttle.

Step 4. Spread the loop open and pull it physically over the ring and the shuttle to the far side of the ring. Release loop.

Step 5. Using the shuttle pull straight up on the shuttle thread all slack from the "loop" disappears and it tightens up at the base of the ring.

These two pages are the original instruction pages by Matthew Takeda from his unpublished book "Theoretical Tatting."
Used with permission.
Page 1

Page 2

Many thanks to Jane for these new drawings, to Matthew for the idea and to Gina for the patterns we can use to practice this technique.

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