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Rachel Jackson's Dorcas Brooch

Rachel Jackson,, created The “Miss Dorcas” Brooch
for Miss Dorcas in a tatting exchange from 2007.

The above was worked in DMC size 8 variegated pink and size 8 Domino turquoise. Both are perle cottons.

Materials List:
1 shank button
1smaller ornamental 2 hole button
1 6mm Swarovski biccone crystal
2 seed beads
1 pin back jewelry finding
e6000 glue

R 7 - 7 - (long enough to run through shank) 7 - 7 cl rw
Ch 7 sm- med- lg- med- sm- 7 cl rw
(note: all Chs are the same for the first round)
R 7 + 5 - 7 cl rw Ch rw
R 7 + 5 - 7 cl rw Ch rw
R 7 + 5 - 7 cl rw Ch rw
R 7 + (to middle – of first R through button shank) 7 - 7 cl rw
Ch rw
R 7 + 5 - 7 cl rw
Ch rw
R 7 + 5 - 7 cl rw
Ch rw
R 7 + 5 + (to – of first R) 7 cl rw
Ch cl + to beginning of work.

Turquoise accent:
Thread needle with long length of thread.
Run needle through – of far right R.
Ch 7 sm- med- sm- 7 cl + to – on other side of R.
Ch 15 cl + to – on other side of next R.
Continue around brooch until you reach the far left R and repeat Ch with – s.
Continue around brooch using the plain Chs then + and finish.

Button center accent:
Run needle through holes of 2 hole button with a seed bead, Swarovski crystal seed bead on thread. Tie in knot at back of button. Glue to top of shank button. Allow to dry.

Finishing brooch:
Glue pin back finding to back of brooch. I also use the e6000 to help hold the tatting through shank in place. Be sure to use a good glob, but not too much. Allow to dry.

Please visit Rachel's website: Piney Woods Tatting.

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