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Emmy Liebert Book #36 Pattern #23

The online tatting class discussed the possibilities of adapting a pattern by Emmy Liebert (Book #36 Pattern #23) to mignonnette style tatting. Many suggestions were made. Stephanie Wilson,, tatted the sample above and provided the pattern.

Tat the center ring "as is."

Add an extra row of mignonette before going to the all-rings row.

I changed the way the all-rings row was anchored to the last row of mignonnette. I chose not to anchor ANY rings into the ring on the row before, but joined 3 rings to each thread space without attaching ANY of them to each other (to lie more smoothly if the hair wasn't perfectly smooth, which is usually isn't).

I added a picot to make 5 picots in a row instead of 4 on the larger ring. Added another beaded mignonette row, then another 2 rows the addition of which and the addition of more rows will accommodate varying lengths of hair.

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