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Zena Herbert Presents A Study on the Mock Picot

Two shuttles, CTM.
Chain of 6ds.
Using Sh2, leave a space of 4mm, make ring of 2ds, 3p sep by 2ds, 2ds, clr.
NB the picots are 10mm when open and 5mm each side when ring is closed. (I used a picot gauge) You leave a space of 4mm because the thread stretches when you close the ring.

Leave another space of 4mm, chain of 6ds. These spaces before and after the ring form a false picot that matches the other three picots of the ring itself. Leave the spaces each time you work the ring and chain. Join the first picot of each ring to the last picot of the preceding ring.

Continue with Sh2 ring, chain, until the corner.

Work the Sh2 ring

Chain of 5ds, 1rds, 5ds, join to 3rd picot of last ring, 6ds

Sh2 ring of 2ds, join to 2nd picot of last ring, 2ds, picot, 2ds, picot, 2ds, clr.

Chain of 6ds

Continue with Sh2 ring and chain as before for length desired.

To turn for the inner row:

Work a corner as before but after the join into 3rd picot of last ring, work

Chain of 5ds, 1rds, 5ds, join to 2nd picot of last ring, 6ds.

Join into top picot of next ring.

Continue to work chain of 6ds, join to top picot, until Corner.

When you have one ring free before the corner ring, work chain of 5ds, join into top picot of ring immediately before corner ring and at the same time join into top picot of first ring immediately following the corner ring.

Chain of 5ds, join into top of next ring, 6ds

Continue working 6ds, join, to end.

I have left the start/finish ends on view so you can see why the chain needs reducing from 6ds to 5ds for the corners. The rds at the corner point is common to both sides of the angle.
Kind regards, Zena Herbert

Many thanks to Zena!
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