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Hanging Cluny takes Flight by Zena Herbert

Dragonfly by Zena Herbert

Many thanks to Zena Herbert for sharing this dragonlfy pattern with us.

Tatting Techniques used:

Continuous Thread Method (CTM)

Split Ring with Dead Spider Grip by Jane Eborall

Shuttle Lock Join

Ball Thread Join Inverted Tat

Basic Cluny Info by Mimi Dillman

Hanging Cluny by Ruth Perry

Wind 2 shuttles, CTM. I used 20 gauge Coats Cotton, white.

The Body:

Begin at the tail end with Sh.1 as the main shuttle.
Ring 1: Split Ring of 5ds each side
Ring 2: Split Ring of 6ds each side
Ring 3: Split Ring of 7ds each side.
Repeat Ring 3 three times more. (six rings altogether for the Body.)
Lower Wing:

Use Sh.2 to make the Ch sts. Sh.1 is the core thread.
Ch of 1ds, very small picot, 2ds, 4p sep by 2ds, each p being slightly longer than the preceding one, 7ds. 
Join into last p worked, 2ds. Repeat join, 2ds until all main ps of the first part of the Ch are joined into.
At the base of the Wing, join into the vsp and work 1 lock-stitch.
Sp of  0.125" (one-eighth).

Upper Wing:

Sh.2. Ch of 1ds, vsp, 2ds, 6p sep by 2ds, each p being longer than the preceding one, 9ds. Catch the thread of Sh.2 in a loop through the last p made on this Ch, draw it through the p and thread Sh.2 through the loop from back to front. Pull the loop back just enough to match half the length of the picot. Do not pull it too close, but make the join secure. Make the next ds of the Ch, leaving enough thread to form the second half of this mock picot. (Be sure to make a complete ds, not just the second half as after an ordinary join.) Continue with 1ds, join to next p on Ch, repeat join, 2ds until all ps are joined across to the 'return' half of the Ch, working mock picots on each join. At the base of the Wing, join into the vsp and work 1 lock-stitch. Sp of  0.125".

The Head.:

Using a separate length of thread for the Weaver, work a HCL.
After 6 full passes (back and to) weave from R to L and thread a bead onto the Weaver thread. Snug the bead close to the Leaf. Complete the pass. Thread one more bead onto the Weaver thread, snug close the the Leaf as before and work 2 passes more. (9 passes in all). Complete the Leaf as usual. Work 1 lock-stitch at the base of the Head. Sp. of 0.125"

Repeat the Upper and Lower Wings to match the first pair and fasten the threads into the top Split Ring of the Body. Tie and cut.

That's it. You could use chain for the Body, with little Josephine-knot-feet, then work back down the chain after doing the second set of wings but I think split rings are clearer to start with. I started with CL for the body, but the SR look more balanced and give a better visual weight.

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