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Venessa Godfrey Bracelets

This bracelet pattern is shared with the online tatting class by Venessa Godfrey. It offers the opportunity to practice a number of tatting techniques among them those listed below.

Pearl Tatted Chain on the left of the photo

Beading Basics, scroll down to the bottom for beads encapsulation suggestions.

Self-Closing Mock Ring

Shoelace trick's How to tie a square knot.

Turning the work

Tatted Beaded Bracelet

Measure 6 ft or more of thread, double it. Fold in half and thread that loop up and down through the holes of a button, put both thread ends through the loop and pull tight. String 50 beads on one thread. Wind 6 ft length onto shuttle 1, leaving half of the beads at the shuttle for the second half of the bracelet, and half near the button.

Repeat this process using shuttle 2. Measure a 24 - 36 inch piece of thread, thread up and down through the button holes also. Tie the threads in pairs twice, switching threads. On the 24 - 36 inch long thread add the decorative beads and wind onto shuttle 3.

Beads or single hole beads may also be used on the pearl tatting section.

Pearl Tatting

Using shuttle 3 as the worker, work a chain, one ds on shuttle 1, turn, next ds on shuttle 2 thread. Bury the loose thread in each side as you go. When you have cleared the edge of the button, then slide a seed bead up and make 2-3 ds next to tit. Turn work and do the same with shuttle 2. Continue moving the beads up each time you turn your work.

To figure out where the decorative beads will begin, decide how long your bracelet will be. I use 16 beads of pearl tatting to the inch in size 20 thread. Decide how many beads you want in the center and how big they will be.

Encased Split Ring Beads

Once you have reached the point where you want to start the decorative beads, make one more ds on the second shuttle and drop shuttle 3 to the back of the work. Use shuttle 1 to begin a ring. Make enough ds for your size bead, i.e., 7 ds for 1/8" bead; 12 ds for 1/4" bead; 10 ds for 3/8" bead. Using shuttle 2 wrap the same number of ds in reverse half stitch order to form the split ring but DO NOT CLOSE THE RING.

Bring all the decorative beads and shuttle 3 up through the split ring before closing, keeping one bead in the ring. Pull the split ring closed around the decorative bead. Move shuttle 3 behind shuttle 1 & 2 threads, use a small knot to anchor the bead in place, switching shuttle. Begin next split ring with alternate shuttle. Continue until you have all the decorative beads in place. Return to the seed bead pattern until the bracelet is just short of the length you need.

Self Closing Mock Ring

Using shuttle with the most thread, prepare to make a chain. Using either of the other shuttles, make a loop and pinch it at thumb and fore finger, this shuttle is now the worker. Make 50 ds for a 1/2" button. Slip the worker through the loop and pull the ring closed. Check to see if the button fits through the ring. If needed, pull ring open and adjust by adding or substracting ds. Tie square knots or surgeons knots with three threads in groups of 2, three times. Use fray check to seal the knots. Cut close to knots or bury thread ends.

Many thanks to Venessa for sharing this pattern with the class. Any questions? You are welcome to email me:
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