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Denise's Bracelet By Deborah Strickland
Additional Notes

AKTATTER's favorite bracelet :)

Additional notes for Denise's Bracelet

We had a small problem with sizing. Robin's wrist is 6 actual measurement and the first bracelet I made for her was too big. She loves her jewelry and tries on lots of bracelets and has been told by the jeweler that she has an average size wrist so she will be my guide. I measured my clasp assembly and then adjusted my tatting so that I came out with a bracelet 6 inches long. The actual tatting is 6 inches. The thread is Rubi, the silver beads are 4mm and the center beads are somewhere around 6mm.

The tatting has a somewhat elastic property, but additional jump or split rings could be used to add more length. There is no way to make it shorter once the bracelet is finished, unless you want to pick it out or cut it up and start over, neither of which are my choice. It has been suggested that a shorter piece of tatting, say 4 to 5 inches, be done and a nice piece of decorative chain added to the end would accommodate just about any size wrist.

In the pattern I used the SLT, shoe lace trick (, after each RW.

I also came up with earrings.

R 2 - 3(add finding)3 - 2 clr RW
R 2 + 10 clr RW
R 2 + 10 clr RW

Pull up large bead (one thread only) and small bead then run needle back up through large bead. Tie to other thread, cut and hide ends. The beads can be added before or after you do the tatting.

Debbie's Story:

Well there isn't anything really special about me. I'm 54. My husband and I have his (35), mine (33) and ours (26 & 23), but we can add all girls to the old phrase. The youngest is still at home and has a 3yr old son who occupies a lot of my daylight hours. I'm originally from Texas and moved to South Carolina when I married my husband in 1977. Big city girl gone country and I do mean country. I often say we drink well water, which is true, and pipe in sunshine, somewhat of an exaggeration, but it is 13 miles to the nearest gallon of milk at the small Mom and Pop store.

I have crafted all my life in a number of different things, but due to a new development with nerve loss I find I am very limited in my activities now and just by chance found needle tatting instructions on the web (March 2007) and have been giving it 150% since. I don't work outside the home anymore, but have opened a small internet shop selling yarn and thread, which I got into as a means of mostly self supply and the funds to support my own hobbies. Kind of like my dad when he opened a paint and body shop so he could keep up with the damage of my teenage brother and heavy footed stepmother. I of course do not do fender benders, but when I do have an accident, total it beyond repair. Only had two of those in my lifetime and both made me Thank God (S)He was looking out for me and I know (S)He is the reason I am still around. Dad always said I was all or nothing and that has followed me through life. I do know there is a middle ground, but always strive for the high end of anything I undertake. is the store address. I sell Coats and Clark products and the Opera threads which are listed under J&P which is a branch of C&C

I was trying for a wider bracelet. Denise who is in Nicaragua with the Peace Corp has a small water symbol tatooed to her wrist and on certain occasions must have it covered and I was making the bracelets mainly with her in mind and that is why I named it after her. It was one of those creative times I just grin and say "I have my moments"

Debbie in SC Slightly off-key but Happy!

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