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1227 CR 1760 E
Greenup Illinois USA

Beaded Flower by Magret Hölscher

Size 20 thread or pearl cotton size 8, 84 beads threaded, shuttle and ball thread

This flower many be used in many ways, as a brooch pin, with or without leaves, as napkin ring decoration, or floating in a glass tea light cup holder.

Special abbreviations
(7k) picot with 7 beads
(1k) picot with 1 bead

Load 84 beads onto the ball thread, then wind about 70 cm (1 yard) thread onto the shuttle.

Round 1
Place 42 beads on the left hand.
Ring *1 (7k) 1 - (small picot), repeat from * 5 times leaving out the last picot which is replaced with a mock picot to climb out from round 1 to round 2. RW

Round 2
Chain 4 - 2 (1k) 1 (1k) 1 make a total of 7 beaded picots, 2 - 4 + (shuttle lock join to small picot of ring 1) continue to chain
*CH 4 + (join to previous chain) 2 (1k) 1, make a total of 7 beaded picots, 2 - 4 + (shuttle lock join to small picot of ring 1) *, repeat from * 4 times. Join last chain to first chain then use mock picot to climb into round 3. RW

Round 3
Make a shuttle lock join to the next free standing picot of the previous round.
Chain 2 ( long picot 1 ) x 20, 2, + (shuttle lock join to free standing picot between the following chain)

Repeat this chain 5 times and fasten off.

Make leaves and add small ribbon to make into a flower corsage.

Many thanks to Magret Hölscher (no email address) for sharing her patterns with the class.
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