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Notes on Designing Tatted Leaves

The tatted leaf has been designed in many shapes and with many techniques.

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Tammy Rodger's Workbasket Feb. 1975 pg 57 Autumn Leaf Maple leaf pattern
Pattern:These are my [Tammy's]diagrams for the Maple Leaf Motif found in February 1975 Workbasket, page 57. I have made corrections to the pattern and added a leaf stem. Ball and shuttle wound in CTM are used. Start with ring R-A as shown in diagram 1, use the DS count shown in diagram 2. Reverse work between ring/chain and chain/ring except when going from ring R-C to chain CH-A and ring R-U to chain CH-L.
Ulla' "Helma Siepmann" style free-form leaves

cluny leaf how to Mimi

Saundra Hameed cluny leaves motif

Hanging cluny leaf Ruth Perry

Lisa Trumble rose w leaf

Joy Critchfield rings as leaves

Tammy Rodgers rings as leaves
No photo left for Tammy's poinsettia broochh for her mother. Pattern:Mama's poinsettia pin I made this poinsettia for my mom using DMC Cebella size 30 in Christmas green and Christmas red, Mill Hill light yellow opalescent beads and a pin back. This poinsettia is done in three layers to give it depth.
Layer one is done using green on shuttle and ball CTM

Ring: 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 close ring
use mock picot to move from ring to chain.
chain 16 - 16 join to mock picot.
*join to next picot of ring
chain 16 - 16 join to picot that this chain started at*
continue until you finish the join at base of last chain join to mock picot that was base of first chain.
Cut and tie.

Layer two is done using red on shuttle and ball CTM
Do second layer same as layer one except the chain is 13 - 13

Layer three is done using red on shuttle and ball CTM
Do third layer same as layer one except the chain is 10 - 10

Block each layer individually making the chains long, skinny, the picot might be slightly pointed.

When dry stack the three layers with the green leaves to the bottom and the smallest red leaves to the top. To attach the beads I used a needle and thread starting at the under side of the green leaves I went up through all three layers with the needle, slide on a bead then back down through all three layers. I continued this way until I had on all the beads that represent the actual flower when all the beads were on I tied the starting bead thread to the ending bead thread. Note the sewing on of the beads is how all three layers are hooked together. I then attached the poinsettia to a pin.

Jeanne Lugert Rose brooch

Mark's Apple leaf

Scharf style Gerda bfly"

Inger Kirsten elongated Scharf style leaves for daffodil

Sieglinde's block tatted iris leaf

Tina Neudorf overtatted or overcrocheted chains/picots as leaf

Elaborate paisley form "palm frond" great background for blossom
Victoria Illustrated Pattern and Fashion Journal
1 June, 1874, Dr. O. Van Munden, Berlin N.W, Karlstrasse 11
Palm Leaf -- Braid, Tatting, & Needlelace --
Translated by: Dan Rusch-Fischer, 2000

Anna Meloni bach style leaf idea

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