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Julie Patterson Presents:
Altering the pattern for Linda S Davies' Chrsitams Tree
earrings in order to tat the trees in one pass.

I thought I'd let you know what I did differently so you can pass it on if anyone's interested. I'll type it below so you can cut and paste easily. I will also attach a couple of pics I took as I tatted in case they will help.

Altering the pattern for Linda S Davies' Chrsitams Tree earrings in order to tat the trees in one pass.

For the purposes of this explanation, I will refer to this first whole tree as "the first dimension". I began the first dimension at the trefoil. I made the entire trefoil, then continued around the pattern, eliminating the trunk.

The last chain of 5ds was made and joined into the base of the trefoil, making sure both threads were on the same side of the work. The first dimension is complete.

This next section will be called "the second dimension". Fold the tree in half away from you, that is, with WRONG sides together. Keep it pinched like this for the whole second dimension.

The centre ring of the trefoil is omitted in this dimension. Begin with the third ring of the trefoil. Continue around the first side of the pattern as in the first dimension, joining each chain (except the first chain of 5ds) to the joins down the centre of the fold as you go. These joins should still be regular joins (where the core thread still slides through the stitches, not a shuttle join).

Once you get to the chain of [9, join, 10], change the chain to [12, picot, 12] and do not join it to anything. Make the last ring and bottom chain of 12ds and join into the base of the centre ring. Tat the trunk as stated in the pattern. The second dimension is complete.

This section will be called "the third dimension". I feel like I'm on Star Trek! Now change the fold of the tree. Swap the fold so that the second dimension you just tatted is now in the middle of the fold, with the RIGHT sides of the first dimension touching it.

Tat the bottom chain of 12ds, SLT, the bottom ring and RW. This next chain, which should be [10, join, 9] is going to change as it did on the second dimension, to [12, join (to the other chain of 12-12) 12]. Make the join through the centre of the bottom ring, that is, bring the picot of the first 12-12 chain up to the centre space of the bottom ring of the first dimension, and hold it there so you can make your join into it.

Continue on with the pattern as before, joining the chains into the opposite chains as you go, until there is only the last ring and chain to make.

The last ring joins to the first ring of the second dimension through the centre ring of the original trefoil of the first dimension ( in the same way as you did with the chains of 12-12). That is, join through the space of the centre ring of the trefoil. Tat the last chain of 5ds and sew in the ends.

It sounds difficult when I try to word it, but honestly, just start tatting and give it a go and I'm sure it will all seem a lot simpler then!
Good luck, Jules
Julie Patterson

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