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Tatted Earrings by Iris Niebach

Iris Niebach's Tatted Earrings
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Iris' Method to load a bead in the center of a ring on the front side:

Step 1:
Make the ring with a picot on top sufficiently big to be able to insert the bead leaving a picot on top for inserting the hook easily.Put the bead on the long picot.

Step 2:
Put the picot with the loaded bead towards you downside and pass the crochet hook through the picot on top of the bead from front to back. Take your core thread and pull it through the picot and pull out a loop.

Step 3:
Put your shuttle of the working thread through the loop of your core thread.

Step 4:
Bring the core thread near your last ds, like joining to a normal picot. Then close the ring and you will have the bead in the middle on the front side of your ring.


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