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Creative Buttons by Brigitte Nettles

Brigitte Nettles spotted the fantastic website of Christine Salzinger with the wonderfully creative work done with tatting and these plastic buttons. With the kind permission of Christine, Brigitte has prepared this step by step guide for the online tatting class. Many thanks to both Christine and Brigitte for sharing this with the class.

Materials needed:
Prym creative buttons (there are 10 buttons in a pack)
Crochet thread Size 20 or perle cotton Size 8 solid color
Crochet thread Size 20 or perle cotton Size 8 shaded color
Crochet hook Size 10
Tatting shuttle or tatting needle Size 7
Silver or gold metallic embroidery thread
Pearl bead for the center

Step 1 The plastic button is divided into 12 fields. Use the solid color crochet thread to single crochet around the outside, 3 per field. Close the round with a slip stitch, cut the thread and pull through the last stitch. Hide thread ends.

Step 2 & 3. Or you can tat around the outside:

Step 4 Then use the shaded thread to embroider the inside fields using the satin stitch, alternately three long stitches and two short stitches.

Step 5 Donít forget to attach the bead before you sew in your thread end. Use the silver or gold embroidery thread for the next row and using the stem stitch embroider the last row of empty fields.

Step 6 Finally, wind the shuttle with the shaded thread. The rings are worked 5-5-5-5 and the chains are 4+4, joining alternately to the 2nd and 3rd single crochet. Starting with the second ring join to the last picot of the previous ring (5+5-5-5). The last ring will also have to be joined to the first ring.

And here is the finished product. I gave several away for Christmas gifts. My colleagues pinned them to their shirts and wore them as brooches.

Variations 1-3 .You can embroider the inside fields to your liking. Here is a variation. I made three small stitches on the inside row and used the stem stitch on the next two rows. You can use any tatted edging, have fun, experiment! A word of warning: they can be addicting!

Many thanks to Brigitte Nettles for sharing her patterns with the class.
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