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The Alligator or Capture Join in Tatting

Although there are no written instructions on the alligator join, here is a description of it. The alligator join is not truly a join, it simply captures the thread of a previously tatted element. There is a great photo of it in the Burda tatting book, an excellent reference book. Antique patterns directed the tatter to pass the shuttle thread over and the ball thread under the work before commencing the next stitch. The same principle is involved.

If you will imagine your foot as being the previously tatted element, then upper jaw of the 'gator is the shuttle thread SH1 and the lower jaw of the 'gator is the SH2 or ball thread, thus one thread goes over and one thread goes under. When the alligator snaps his jaws together then your foot/tatting is captured. The new tatting places the next ds very tightly snuggling up to the old tatting and continues from there.

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