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Georgia Seitz
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Greenup Illinois USA

Antique Hanky Corner with Needleweaving

This photo is a bit blurry but see what you can make of the corner. I have prepared a diagram without picots and without double stitch counts. Let's try to figure it out in class.

Here is Donata's solution to the double stitch count. Many thanks for the great photos and for sharing with the online tatting class.
Donata's Solution

And here are two beautiful versions of the antique hanky corner by Erin Holloway.

Ring: 3 (-3)x5
Chain: 3 (-3)x9

Join where appropriate to create corner quatrefoil

Side chain: 3 (-3)x3
Side ring: 5 (-5)x3

To create the heart use counts as for square except for the "cleavage"

Begin with a clover

Clover: small rings 3 (-3)x5
center ring: 3 (-3)x7
consult picture for joins.

Then climb out to first quatrefoil with chain
chain 3 (-3)x2-5

commence as for square pattern until three quatrefoils are complete.
chain 3 - 3 + 3(join to corresponding picot on opposite chain attached to clover) + 5

join to base of clover.

Erin in Tenn.

And is another beautiful versions of the antique hanky corner by Jeanne Zukowski.

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