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Copper Wire Tatting
Tatted Wire Ornaments Presented by Dorcas Newkirk

Dorcas Newkirk writes: " I used 28 gauge silver plated copper Artistic Wire for these ornaments. I tatted a chain the length I needed, formed the shape around a cookie cutter and tied the ends together. I did not try to hide the ends as that creates a bulky spot. I cut the ends and smashed them into the chain. Gauge 28 is a little stiff and sometimes doesn't flip so you have to take your hand and bend it over into the flip. I found that an ornament made of finer wire would not hold its shape as well when hung.

When the ornament is finished tap the wire to mash it down. I noticed this caused 2 of the ornaments to stretch but I just bent them back into shape by placing them on their black outline.

If you do not have a source for this wire it can be ordered from the Ben Franklin Craft and Variety Store in Evansville IN. 1-800-596-5520 or 1-812-477-4602. Approx. $7.99 + tax. One spool will last a very long time and it comes in many colors."

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