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Nina Libin Beanile Necklaces

Many thanks to Nina Libin for sharing her patterns with the online tatting class. Nina writes: "Dear Georgia and fellow tatters, the following necklace pattern is one of numerous versions of the same pattern designed to meet only one condition: connect tatted elements without using a crochet hook. To avoid a long explanation let us call it a pre-conditioned design as opposed to design by chance, by mistake, by inspiration, etc, which can be defined as a spontaneous design.

Please consider this an invitation to participate in a study of the possibilities for a pre-conditioned design. It could be interesting to have a few online classes on the topic. What do you think? I would be happy and honored to teach some of the classes and have every reason to expect some of you to come forward with your own ideas, because there are so many creative people in this group.

Looking forward to hear from you. Nina Libin in New York City. Beanile.com. Lace of Beads patterns

Attached to this class subject are the pictures of 4 necklaces:

This necklace BNL-107a pattern was designed for the January 2003 workshop at the Keystone Lace Guild Annual retreat. (c) 2003, Nina Libin.

Symbols used through the patterns:
R ring
SR split ring
CH chain
1, 2, 3 number of double knots
*** 3 'up' beads to make a pointed picot
: 1 bead 'up' & 1 bead 'down' ::: 3 beads 'up' & 3 beads 'down' ('up' beads come either from the ball or from the left hand shuttle or from the loop on your left hand; 'down' beads are always from the shuttle in your right hand).
:* 2 beads 'up' & 1 bead 'down' to make; a 'trillium' picot;
~ switch the shuttles, that is: put the thread from your right hand or A shuttle on your left hand and take into you right hand shuttle B, the one that was previously on your left hand;
/ shape and tighten ring or chain;
// shape, tighten & turn upside down;
SLT - shoe lace trick, reversing positions of threads;
WUJ -'wrap-under' join (place right shuttle thread under the space between two split rings, and continue tatting, a SLT is optional).

To start the
Fold 7 - 8 yards of thread in two and needle both tails.
String 350 seed beads on one tail and load 1/3 of the thread with all 350 beads on shuttle B.
String 350 seed beads from another needled tail, push the beads along the thread towards loaded shuttle B; load the rest of the thread (2/3)with all the beads on shuttle A.

I. Start with a ring:
R1 = 2::::2 *** 2::::2/ then make a string of 24 beaded split rings:
SR = 2:::*2 ~ 2*:::2/ plus 2 plain (without beads) split rings = 6 ~ 6/ and 6 ~ 6/; fold the last SR and tie it between the last beaded SR and the first plain one, creating a 'sleeve' for a fastening string.

Now push beads closer and:
II. Make chains over split rings:
CH2 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1***1:1:2/ WUJ;SLT
CH3 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1***1:1:2/ WUJ;SLT
CH2 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1***1:1:2/ WUJ;SLT Keep going until you make 14 chains over 14 split rings.

III. Make Rings on Chains (starting with chain 15):

CH15 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1 [R = 1:1:1:*1***1*:1:1:1/] finish
CH15 1:1:2/WUJ;SLT
CH16 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1 [R] 1:1:2/WUJ;SLT
CH17 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1 [R] 1:1:2/WUJ;SLT
CH18 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1 [R] 1:1:2/WUJ;SLT
CH18 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1 [R] 1:1:2/WUJ;SLT
CH19 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1 [R] 1:1:2/WUJ;SLT
CH20 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1 [R] 1:1:2/WUJ;SLT
CH21 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1 [R] 1:1:2/WUJ;SLT
CH22 = 2:1:1:1:*1:*1 [R] 1:1:2/WUJ;SLT

After the first part of the necklace is almost finished, that is all split rings (except two very first ones) have chains or chains with rings over them, it is time to start the second part of the necklace. String the beads and load two shuttles with beaded continuous thread. There are two options of how to proceed: you can either take the thread (between two loaded shuttles) and lock join it to the base of the first split ring, or you can put the first part aside and start the second part following the same pattern.

In any case you have to start with a split ring SR = 2:::*2 ~ 2*:::2/ and make a string of 22 beaded split rings and two small plain ones as you have in the first part of the necklace. Continue following the rest of the pattern until all split rings in this part have chains over them. Pick up the first part and make a chain around its first split ring.

CH = 2:1:*1:1:*1:1:*1:2 WUJ;SLT between R1&SR2.
Take part two, WUJ;SLT ("wrap under join" it to the base of R1 and make a chain around R1 of the first part:

CH = 1:1:1:1:1***1:1:1*****1:1:1***1:1:1:1:1/WUJ,SLT between R1& SR2. Finish the chain around the first split ring of the first side.

CH = 2:1:*1:1:*1:1:*1:2/ WUJ between the first and the second split rings, that is at the point where you have started side two of the necklace. Tie and hide the tails. Take a string (you may crochet one) put it little sleeves at the back of the necklace, the string unlike a clasp lets you change the length of the necklace.

completed center segment of the necklace.
Please see detailed step-by-step pictures for this project. (note: as of last night this link was not working as Nina's website was down; however, the photos have been placed into the lesson but check back at Nina' site later)
Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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