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Beading Info by Dianna Stevens

This beading information is from the introduction of "A Victorian Tatted Christmas" by Dianna Stevens 2001.

Dianna's Book Tatted Victorian Christmas

Beads. There are several places beads can be used in tatting. (Basic Beading) You can put them on the auxiliary thread, in the picot, over the picot, and on the foundation thread between the double stitches. You can also find them in a multiple of combinations, such as, on the foundation thread and in the picot at the same time.Example

Bead Sizes in relation to Thread Sizes. Just as there are various thread sizes, there are also various bead sizes. I have tried to match up the thread and bead size appropriately. In your own creations, there are no restrictions. This is offered as a point of reference.

Thread size 60-80, (possibly 100) Bead size 13, 14 or 15.
Thread size 12, 20-40 Bead size 11 or 10
Thread size 5 - 10 Bead size 10 or 9 (sometimes 11)

In the United States, these are common bead sizes and most beads stores will have these sizes. The size bead is determined by how many beads can span an inch. This is similar to thread sizes in wraps per inch. The above scale is not definitive, but gives you a great starting point for determining thread and bead size usage.

Myuki is a Japanese company which makes the Delica brand beads in sizes 11, 14 and 15. These beads are available from Firemountain gems, http://www.firemountaingems.com) and are used in many beading patterns for small bags and loom work. They are chosen for their uniformity in bead shape, sizes and hole shape. Anytime I can get the Japanese beads, in any size, I do. It is well worth the time, money and effort for overall work ability and eye appeal of the tatted piece.

Free catalog: http://www.firemountaingems.com/catalog-request?navsrc=top_FREECatalog

The most common beads on the market are from Czechoslovakia (Fire Mountain Gems color bead and sizes)in sizes 8-13. They are not always uniform in shape and hole size, but still have a satisfactory appeal to the eye and pocket book.

Beads are in various shapes and colors. If you have been shopping for beads, you might have seen a Hex bead ( Fire Mountain hex beads) or a Tri-cut. Hex beads are cut hexagonally, giving many different sparkly sides. A tri-cut also has 3 cuts to give it a faceted sparkly appeal. From a distance the sparkle draws the eye and brings attention to the beads or more importantly to the piece the beads are adorning.

The Delica size 14's are rectangular in their shape, so are the hex beads. The 10s, 11s, and 15's are more round. Their use depends on the desired effect and where it might be used. There are other beads one might consider using. Bugle beads, pearls, faceted crystals, well the possibilities are endless.

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