Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
Georgia Seitz
11460 Via Appia
Anchorage Alaska 99515-2905 USA

Bicolor Work

You add interest to your free form tatting by using multiple colors as in the blossoms pictured, but you can also use multiple colors within each tatted ring or chain by using the maltese ring technique or by using needle tatting with two different colored threads used alternately.

Two sizes of picot gauges are needed for this effect. thread both tails through the eye of the tatting needle. Lay the first picot gauge on the needle and draw up the thread tight.

Next make a DS using the second color thread and the second size of picot gauge. Alternate colors and gauges for length of chain or size of ring desired.

The dual picots butterfly pictured above is a ring of 16 DS. The picots are between the second and third DS of each color and matching picots on the opposite side. The tails are knotted for antennae.

This technique can make unusual flowers from rings and chains.

The two color bee pattern was by Martha Ess.

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