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1227 CR 1760 E
Greenup IL 62428-3016 USA

+ join to adjacent picot
CH Chain
Cl Close Ring
DNRW Do not reverse work
ds double stitch
LR Large Ring
MR Medium Ring
p Picot
R Ring
RW Reverse work
sj shuttle join
SR Small Ring
(p, 5ds)x! instructions within parenthesis ( )are to be repeated times !

Teresa’s Shamrock
© March 2000

Working off ball
1. MR 6ds, (p, 6ds)x3 Cl. DNRW
2. LR 6ds, +, 6ds, (p, 4ds)x3, 6ds Cl. DNRW
3. MR 6ds, +, 6ds (p, 6ds)x2 Cl. RW
4. CH 20ds, sj to middle pr of #3 MR
CH 10ds, sj at join between #3 MR & LR
CH 14ds, sj to middle picot of LR
CH 14ds, sj to join between LR and #1 MR
CH 10ds, sj to middle picot of #1 MR
CH 20ds, join to base of cloverleaf RW
5. CH (3ds, p)x5, 6ds [Note: make each picot slightly longer that the preceding one on this chain]. Lock Stitch
7. Ch 6ds, (+, 3ds)x5
Tie off, hide ends and cut

Teresa reports that she has made a number of these for friends and colleagues and attached them to small safety pins for St. Patrick's Day.

Many thanks to Teresa for sharing this pattern with the online tatting class! Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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