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Single Shuttle Split Ring

Many thanks to Riet for preparing all these step by step photos demonstrating the single shuttle split ring. Her dragonfly pattern is just perfect to practice this technique.

Begin with a wound shuttle. Tat the first half of the split ring: 6 DS. Close ring leaving a length of core thread equal to the space required to wrap 6DS later. It must not be too long as it has a tendency to stretch.

The second split ring is tatted in the same way as the first.

The last ring of the body is a normal tatted ring of 8 DS and, of course, closed completely. Begin the pass down the other side by wrapping the DS onto the bare core thread using a crotchet hook in the same manner as you do in making a split CHAIN, yes a split chain!

Now you can see 3 DS done and there is still a little bit of thread.

The middle split ring is finished here and the first split ring has three DS wrapped and there is still a little bit of bare thread showing.

Here the three rings are complete. These form the body of the dragonfly in Riet's pattern.

Note of caution:
There is one thing you have to consider. It frequently happens that the bare thread between the first and second split ring will stretch; you can solve that problem by pulling the ring thread in the same way as you do when you tat a ring and need more space. And that, is the way how to do a split ring with one shuttle!

Riet invites comments to help her improve her pattern and diagrams and translation. Email: Riet Surtel Smeulders
Practice Pattern: Dragonfly
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