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Needle-tatted Split Ring

If your pattern calls for split rings, you first need to increase the amount of thread which is pulled through the eye of the tatting needle. Also, it will help if you stiffen the end of the tail with glue or fabric stiffener. Alternatively, keep a needle threader handy.

The split ring pattern is written similar to this: R 3 - 3 / 3 - 3. In shuttle tatting you do the first 3 DS picot 3 DS with shuttle one. Then switch to shuttle two to wrap the remaining 6 DS and picot.

To accomplish this technique on the needle, wrap the first 3 DS picot 3 DS on the needle as normal.(The starter ring is not shown here only the split ring in progress.) Note: The DS count will vary according to your pattern.

Commence the second ring which is the initial split ring.

Remove the tail from the eye of the needle.

Next reverse the needle in your hand so that the eye of the needle is now on the left.

Using this tail, wrap the final 3 DS picot 3 DS.

Rethread the eye of the needle and return needle to proper position (the eye of the needle on the right .)

Slide the stitches off the needle and close as normal.

Voilą! Split ring!

To practice this technique make this simple edging:
R 6 - 6 close ring.
*Split ring 3 - 3 / 3 - 3 close ring.
R 6 - 6 close ring. Repeat for desired length.

Or get a little fancy with the split ring edging:

R 2 - 4 - 4 - 2 close ring.
*Split ring 3 + (join to last picot of previous ring) 3 / 3 - 3 close ring.
Split ring 3 - 3 / 3 - 3 close ring.
Split ring 3 - 3 / 3 - 3 close ring.
R 2 + (join to picot of previous split ring) 4 - 4 - 2 close ring. Repeat from * for desired length.

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